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carex collage by laura redburn

i thought i’d quickly share this collage and gif i made for fritha of tigerlillyquinn. she was doing an instagram post for carex and wanted me to make a quick illustration for her. it seemed to lend itself very well towards being animated too, so i made a super simple gif. ones like this (literally a few frames) are so fun to make – i really should do more!

i particularly enjoyed making this because i used all of my favourite colours – mint, yellow and pink. they always look so good together and i think they suit this image very well.

if you’d like to commission a simple animated gif, pattern or collage from me, for personal use, your blog, licensing or for a publication (or anything else), you can contact me via email.

carex animated gif by laura redburn


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the small things | 9

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bougainvillea from RHS cardiff

this year so far has been pretty hard to deal with, both on a personal level as well as on a level beyond myself. things are never easy, but they seem particularly hard and trying and i’m really struggling to cope. i feel like i’m getting closer to an edge that i will easily lose grip of.

so, as always a short list of ‘small things’ that have made me happy or lifted my spirits:

– drinking lots of green tea. it really does help to take a few minutes to have some calm.
– the salted caramel green & blacks chocolate, it’s bloomin’ delicious.
– ava sitting by my side to keep warm. she never really used to, and it warms my heart.
– remembering to find beauty even on the worst days, if only for a moment.
– kind people, always.
– taking photos, always.
– noticing that it’s slowly getting lighter in the evenings.
– finding fantastic stamps in my favourite charity shop.
– seeing my friends and acquaintances have small and bigger successes.


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sunday links | 51

sunday spark by

faded signage in bath

· you need to see the cutest lookbook ever. i squealed.

· can’t decide whether to get these boots or not. they’re currently only £13… ALSO there’s an extra 20% off with the code ‘EXTRA20’’d be rude to myself not to, right?

· there are a few methods to make a notepad, but i love this simple one. would make a lovely little present.

· this book, a bloomsbury souvenir by alice pattulo looks fantastic and colourful.

· this is just the loveliest twitter account.


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