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celia gluten free beer

an accidental hiatus – but my gluten free reviews posts are back!

just to remind you ..i’m not a writer, and i’m certainly not a food writer. this is likely blatently obvious but i feel the need to point it out from time to time.

anyway. a gluten free beer! specifically, a organic czech lager called celia. i was a little dubious about trying this as i’m not a huge lager fan, but i do try to remain open minded and try things at least once.
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snapshots of my week – 13th january

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magpie at chapter arts centre

red coat, pink bag and pink dress

you know those weeks where you have loads to catch up on, because you neglected it the week before?

but then you get busy, distracted, or ill so there’s even more to catch up on? oof. it’s been that kind of week. now i have 2 weeks worth of work to catch up on in a couple of days. yikes! gonna be an intense (in part intensely boring) weekend.
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i have this thing with …accidental photos

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out of focus embroidery

out of focus

don’t worry, there’s not anything wrong with your eyes!

i’m not sure when i developed a soft spot for (often) out of focus, accidental photos. the kind where i didn’t realise i even took a photo – like when taking my camera out of my bag – or when i accidentally press the shutter before it’s had a chance to focus where i want.
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