a quick ava collage

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ava collage by laura redburn

last week when i was preparing to put a photo on my instagram for my petplan blog post, i realised in the moment i wanted to share something a little different. and then i thought – yes! a collage! – as you may know this year i have really been struggling creatively. i’ve made a couple things here and there, but overall my creative spark just totally fizzled. this happened to me a few years ago actually. for almost a whole year my creativity was totally kaput. i tried making things but i hated them, or i just couldn’t get in the flow. i didn’t pressure myself too much, but it did eventually come back. and (hopefully!) it seems to be coming back again now.
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yves saint laurent accessories | book review

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yves saint laurent accessories - book review

yves saint laurent accessories - necklace - book review

yves saint laurent accessories* – £39.95

yves saint laurent accessories is one of those books that’s quite mysterious and charming from the get go. no imagery, just minimal. gold type, faux bois patterning and of course it’s all set on a majorelle-esque shade of blue. the pages are even edged with the same blue, so from the outside its this enigmatic blue book that’s just calling to be looked at.

and looking inside, you’re not going to be disappointed.
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thinking about kittens! #mypetstory

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calico kitten on ourple blanket

kitten getting ready to pounce

well, more specifially ava when she was a kitten ;)

when asked to recall your favourite pet stories, do you have one that is always guaranteed to entertain? one that’s stood the test of time, or that makes you laugh or think nostagically every time?

to be honest, i couldn’t say i have one specific memory or story about ava that stands tall above the rest. i guess, apart from one. cliche as it is, the first few days that we got her, as well as deciding her name. it was between rita, brenda (after my boyfriends nan), and ava. we couldn’t decide so put the names in a hat ..so ava it was meant to be!

that tiny, cheeky, fluffy, ferocious bundle of energy. with huge absolutely crazy eyes that made us fall instantly in love with her.
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