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hydrangeas in late autumn

along with talking about coeliac disease and my gluten free reviews posts, i want to discuss some of my health/body issues a little more here. they’re things that affect my everyday life, and this is quite a personal, at times diary like blog so i want to share snippets of these things from time to time – if for no other reason than they might help someone feel less alone.

today i’m going to be talking about heartburn, and more specifically in my case, acid reflux. oh, that damned thing!

i reckon most people at some points in their life have had a little heartburn here and there after overindulging. but chronic heartburn and/or reflux is a whole different, painful, uncomfortable beast.

i remember the first time i had it. it was in 2005. which …was a VERY bad time in my life anyway (stress is a heartburn/reflux trigger by the way). i was laying in bed with this bizarre feeling in my chest and throat. couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, and after a few days of having it pretty much constantly, i got it checked out and found out it was acid reflux (and a bit of general heartburn). annoyingly i got no advice from the doctor so i pretty much got on with my life. the one thing i figured out pretty immediately was that i needed to sleep on a few pillows to keep my oesophagus above my stomach. still helps now!
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Mix and Match: Exploring Contemporary Collage

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Mix & Match: Exploring Contemporary Collage

Mix & Match: Exploring Contemporary Collage - Laura Redburn


i still can’t fully grasp this. even though i’m holding it in front of me it still hasn’t fully sunk in. a lifelong dream is accomplished! i’d of course love to be in more books (maybe even make my own one day – gasp!) and need to kick myself to start attempting some mock book covers as that’s a long wanted dream/life accomplishment, too. it’s really spurred me to get creating more.
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concrete and neon – a not so classic combination

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pink neon heart shaped light

lamps ℅ cult furniture

finding the perfect lamps for our flat has been a long standing thing. like many people, we’re not fans of ‘the big light’. a couple of smaller lamps so we can choose the level of light is preferable. the two rooms where we’ve struggled most were the bedroom and the front room. the front room is the only naturally bright room in the house, so it’s fine in the day, but in the evening we like to have something subtle. the bedroom has a suitable floor lamp, but i wanted something a bit more atmospheric too.
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