i have this thing with …shadows

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shadows of clematis

in the blogging world, shadows seem to be a thing to avoid. god forbid you have shadows in your flat lays or anything like that. i will admit i avoid anything too shadowy on my Instagram, on my blog and in real life i relish them and seek them out. it fills my brain with a sense of satisfaction and happiness i can’t really put into words.
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charity shop finds | 5

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back with some more charity shop finds!

money has been tighter than ever, so, though I’ve never been over the top with spending, I have definitely been even more considered with my purchases in the past few months. I very, very rarely buy on impulse anyway, and always try to consider whether what I buy will be useful (therefore, something I will actually use), needed, or something I’ve been looking for for a while. sometimes I will be searching for years – not continuously, mind you – for certain items of clothing or objects.
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how to draw type and influence people | book review

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how to draw type and influence people | book review

how to draw type and influence people* – £12.99

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if you just quickly glanced at the cover of this book, you’d probably think this was a book on type and lettering basics. in fact, if you look a little closer (or, look inside) you’ll see it’s actually an activity book. jam packed at that!

as i mentioned in my post about book covers, type (and lettering) is an important aspect in book covers, but unless you’re interested you might not realise how much of it is in your daily life, from packaging, tv and film graphics, posters and much, much more.
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