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hippeas sweet & smokin' crisps

if there is one non essential (yet completely essential) fact you need to know about me, it’s that i LOVE crisps. i just love the texture and the crunch and the savoury flavour. since being diagnosed with coeliac disease, there’s a few favourites i’ve had to cut out. which means i have a totally justifiable reason to try lots of new crisps to make up for it right? that’s what i’m going with.

anyway, the awesome folks at hippeas sent me a big box of their organic chickpea puffs to try. i’m quite picky and a lot of ‘puffy’ crisps either tend to be too soggy to too dry. reader, these are JUST RIGHT. they’re so, so full of flavour, but not in an overwhelming way. they’ve got a good crunch but not too harsh. there’s a good amount in each bag and if it matters to you, they’re also vegan and full of protein. and no, they don’t taste of chickpeas (which i adore by the way).
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i have this thing with …pink

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pink wall with tree shadow

peeling pink paint

i had a seemingly endless amount of photos to choose from for this one, ha. i do love pink. i never used to though, and it’s only really been in the past 5 or so years that my love has grown. i’m never going to be an all out obsessive – wearing and decorating every part of my life in the rosy hue, but without doubt it holds prominence in my heart. i’m especially drawn to it in the outdoors. of course i can’t resist a pretty pink flower, but really i mean walls, doors, peeling paint and in areas you might overlook.
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isle of dogs by wes anderson at the store X

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isle of dogs exhibit - pastel curtains

instead of a snapshots post this week i thought it’d be more interesting to share my photos from the isle of dogs exhibit at the store X at 180 the strand. i went to london recently (obviously) and i always try to make the most of my time there by meeting up with people, going to exhibits or finding something interesting to do. first of all i went to the RA with my dad, then i met with ron (for the first time!) to go see this.
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positive quotes #1 | new work

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every day is a fresh start collage by laura redburn

every day is a fresh start desktop background

ooh new work! if you follow me on instagram or you subscribe to fritha of tigerlillyquinn’s newsletter you might have seen these already. every month i’m making a piece for her newsletter from a quote that she gives me. we both loved the idea of sharing the love a bit with a free positive quote in printable or downloadable form.
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