BT whole home wifi system review

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close up of bt whole home wifi disc

BT whole home wifi disc in living room

bt whole home wifi

though our flat isn’t terribly big, it is long, which, amongst other things, means our wifi barely reaches to the living room from the front room where our router resides. there’s lots of ‘blank spots’, and if we’re in any room (away from the router) there’s times where we’ve had to balance our devices precariously if we want a decent download speed.

so when offered the chance to review the BT whole home wifi* you bet i took that opportunity!

in the spring and summer i love working in the garden. it’s right at the back of the house and the wifi *definitely* doesn’t reach that far. our garden is a drab and definitely needs perking up, but that’s a story for another post.

not all of my computer based work involves the internet, but if i’m writing posts, uploading images and that sort of thing, of course you need internet. i can confidently say i’m a lot more productive working in a light, natural environment with fresh air and minimal distraction. with these little magical wifi discs my garden wifi dreams have come true!

BT wifi app on iphone

in the box come 3 discs, with separate power supplies and an ethernet cable for the first disc, which needs to be connected to your router. it’s ridiculously easy to set up, but if you need help there’s an app (itunes and the play store) which guides you through. after, the app shows signal strength info amongst other things. if the discs need moving, you can test the signal strength with the app in your desired area beforehand.

the BT whole home wifi system can be used with any brand router, and you don’t need to use all three if only two cover your home well enough. you could even share the spare with a friend or relative. the discs are slim and unobtrusive, and if you don’t like the look of them they could easy be hidden behind a plant or your curtains for example. the discs provide both 2ghz and 5ghz frequencies, so all your devices will be able to connect.

surface pro 4 using BT whole home wifi

tortoiseshell cat on orange tiles

(unrelated photo of ava, but she was wondering around as i was taking photos – in the kitchen – where actually the wifi wouldn’t reach before! i had wanted to take photos in the garden, but as luck has it, it started to rain)

another bonus to having wifi in all areas of the flat, means the speed is actually faster, which is a huge bonus for me and people like me. especially when uploading videos to youtube and sending big files to clients. speed and general connectivity seems stable too, and i’ve not had any drop offs yet.

the only slight (totally minor) inconvenience i’ve found is that it essentially creates a new network, so you might need to disconnect from your old one because your device may automatically go to your preferred one. if you have lots of devices this might seem like a bit of a task to make them ‘forget’ your old network, but once it’s done, it’s done – then you get to enjoy a better, faster browsing experience.

disclosure: though i was sent the BT whole home wifi to review, all words, opinions and images are my own.


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the small things | 11

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peony wreath on black background

as i’ve said a few times recently, life has been particularly tough so far this year, and especially the past couple of weeks.

despite all my best efforts and trying the power of positive thought, life keeps throwing all sorts of curve-balls. i feel like i’ve done something karmically wrong to deserve this, but life has always felt like a constant struggle, so maybe it’s just the way my life is meant to be.

still, i persevere and try my best to be positive, to always be a kind person and not to be a burden. saying that, i do hope things ease up for a while, soon. that would be genuinely wonderful, and most welcomed.

the ‘small things‘ this month:

–  when something ‘clicks’ in your mind and you realise something.
– finding out a bottle of cold water is more effective (but more awkward) and longer lasting than a cold flannel.
– finally writing out a list of foods i do/should avoid, thus helping myself feel less ill.
– having a good wooden hand fan. used one for years but they’re so helpful.
– finding a gluten free cereal that’s as cheap as ‘normal’ ones.
– going to cardiff museum recently. need to go more!
– looking through old photos.
– writing these posts. if i haven’t lately, they force me to think about what i’m grateful for.
– cute dogs on the internet.
– taking small steps to become more organised.
– seeing my plants grow.


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snapshots of my week | 21st april

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yellow frayed tarpaulin

ava the cat sitting on an amp

this is not a week i want to remember. for a few different reason it’s been awful and it should somehow set itself of fire. ha. so i’m not even going to write about it.

one good thing though, i went to cardiff museum for the first time in absolutely ages. so long infact, that i’d largely forgotten the layout so it was like visiting for the first time again. i wish there was more stuff like this in cardiff – places that are easily accessible if you don’t have a car, too.

but yeah, other than that, goodbye awful week!

window with blue and white blinds

yellow petals by double yellow lines

purple amethyst in cardiff museum

dinosaur t rex skeleton cardiff museum

rodin marble sculpture in cardiff museum

tiny skeleton in cardiff museum


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