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bush with red berries

· the lovely chloe and abigail at buttercrumble are now offering beaut illustrated silk scarves in their shop (currently just for pre-order).

· if you’re an artist or illustrator looking to offer custom personalised tshirts* (or just a person looking for some custom things for an event, say) printsome* offers those and other items like shirts, aprons, tote bags and more.

· the haykin shop is closing – noooo! but until that happens (april 27th infact), there’s 50% off.

· there’s currently 20% off and free worldwide shipping at society6. if you have your eye on anything of mine, you can shop here.

· recently kindly helped me with a blog issue, and they were quick with excellent communication throughout. i wanted to give them a shout out here for any bloggers out there looking for help with basic or advanced wordpress issues.

disclosure: this post contains collaborative links, marked with an * – as always, all words and opinions my own.


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snapshots of my week | 7th april

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yellow chevron storage container

whilst it’s not been overly good, i can safely say this week has been better than the few preceding it. if nothing else, it’s been overall less stressful, no injuries, no overwhelming fatigue (well, none that lasted more than half a day) and the weather has been lovely. our money situation is still awful and will potentially get worse in the near future, but just for a short while i want to focus on nice, good, positive things.

also …i had some good charity shop finds this week. always a win in my book!

i’ve been trying to make more approaches lately with blog and other related things. i figure it can only be a good thing to help myself learn new skills, gain confidence and better myself in the art of negotiation, ha! if no one wants to give me a bloody job i may as well try even harder to make a living doing things i love. not easy though, but is life ever easy?

hand holding blossom

stickers on lamppost

pink rose bush

pink blinds through fence

orange tulips and yellow flowers

pink rose bush against blue sky


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tattooage: wild & blossom | book review

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tattooage: wild & blossom | book review

tatouage: blossom* | tatouage: wild* – £12.99

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tatouage, both ‘blossom’ and ‘wild’ are books of mini prints, and temporary tattoos. within ‘blossom’ is floral and botanical imagery, and in ‘wild’, there are sea creatures, birds, butterflies and more. both contain over 100 beautifully drawn and coloured temporary tattoos.

i really like creative books that have this sort of interactive element to them. you can keep them as is, or you can cut out and use the tattoos, give them to friends, and put up the prints around your home. they’d also make lovely little presents.

back cover of tatouage: blossom book

page of illustrated floral tattoos

coloured floral tattoos

‘blossom’ has a good mix of coloured and black and white illustrations, all wonderfully drawn and coloured. i feel like the colour pallet in these is a bit limited, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. there’s a good mix of bigger and smaller pieces, and they’ve been laid out on the page well. poppies being my favourite flower, i was especially pleased to see a couple of these.

black and white floral and botanical tatooos

poppy illustation in tatouage book

back cover of tattooage: wild

hummingbird and parrot temporary tattoos

though i actually thought i’d prefer the floral based book, i much prefer the animal based one. i prefer the colour choices and the colouring itself feels much more my style. the illustrations are stunning and i’d be happy to have pretty much any of these as tattoos, fake or real. i particularly enjoyed the birds, sea life, the moths/butterflies, and beetles. though these are things i’d be naturally drawn to in illustrated books anyway.

colourful sea life temporary tattoos

tattooage: wild & blossom | book reviews

detailed abalone illustration

if i had to recommend one out of the two, without a doubt it’d be ‘wild‘. i did enjoy ‘blossom‘ but it didn’t strike me in the same way as the other one. i of course adore flowers, and genuinely think the two books together would make a fantastic gift to nature lovers.

both books instruct you how to apply the tattoos in case you’d not tried them before, and the paper that the keepsake illustrations are on are lovely, thick and good quality. the branding (type, style, layout etc) throughout both books is consistent and fitting.

i’d really like to see more books in this range, whether the style is kept the same or not. very sweet little books that i think would appeal to quite a wide age range.

do these sort of books appeal to you? have you seen this sort of thing in book form before? would love to know what you think.


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