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pink chair and shawl
· loving these super vibrant, colourful illustrations by rebekka dunlap.

· jules interviewed xanthe berkeley, a motivating read!

· look at this pretty pink silk eye mask!

· talking of pretty, such lovely baskets!

· if you like wes anderson, and you also like fantastic illustration, you should buy manjit thapp’s wes anderson zine


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shape party | new collage

my work by

shape party collage by laura redburn

shape party relaxed fit tee

it’s nice to actually be making collages again! i do wish to be a little more prolific, but sometimes the harder i try to make something new, the less i want to. though of course, the incentive of being paid for a commission is a big motivator, let’s be honest.

it very often happens that when spring rolls around, i do start making more work again. in the winter months, it’s like my brain just doesn’t work in the same way and something is turned off. i am determined to get more illustration work this year, which also means trying harder to make more (and better) personal work.

shape party hardback notebook

shape party contrast tank

still do feel like i need a motivational boost though, so if you have any words of wisdom, videos, podcasts or anything that’s helped you out – do let me know.

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if you’d like to commission a collage, pattern or anything else from me – for personal use, your blog, licensing or for a publication (or anything else) – you can contact me via email.


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biscect | new collages

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bisect collage by laura redburn

bisect pouch

as it’s national stationery week, i couldn’t resist making a stationery themed collage. i was umming and ahh-ing a bit over what to depict, but then i looked over at my trusty scissors and the idea struck. scissors! of course. they’re my favourite tool, one which i use for (most of) my collages, so it only seemed fair to make a little homage to them.

what i made wasn’t quite how it looked in my head, i wanted to make a piece with lots of different scissors arranged in a pleasing manner, but it just didn’t look right. so, i made one simple collage with my three favourite pairs (which i then mirrored), and a pattern like piece that more closely resembles my original idea.

i feel like there’s more i can do with this, so will work on a few further pieces, but overall, pretty happy with what i’ve made here. what do you think?

shop the items in this post: pouch | scarf | journal (affiliate links)

if you’d like to commission a collage, pattern or gif from me, for personal use, your blog, licensing or for a publication (or anything else), you can contact me via email.

bisect scarf

bisect collage pattern by laura redburn

bisect journal

black and white bisect collage by laura redburn


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