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green latticed window against brick wall

// loving this laura ashley gingham pinafore. it even has pockets!

// really enjoy this USA IRL series by alice tye.

// this article about time-space synaesthesia is fascinating.

// this piece by andrew WK on autumn is a fantastic read.

// do you read one pleasant day? such a lovely blog and i adore her photos. i often feel like she’s taken me to the places in her photographs.

snapshots of my week – 27th january

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pink blanket with silken edges

doesn’t that blanket look inviting? other than books, buying blankets is probably my other main weakness. i justify it with the fact that most of them are second hand/vintage and that my body temperature control has never been normal, so i’m either ridiculously cold or unbearably hot. there’s seemingly little inbetween.

my goodness my brain has been all over the place lately. brain fog has hit me HARD. i’ll have moments or part of a day of being ‘on’ but for the most part it’s like i’m not all here – like something has snatched my attention and won’t give it back to me. i still feel like myself (one of my biggest fears is lack of control of my mentality and personality – which is why i rarely drink) but it’s still hard to deal with when you know you’re capable of so much more. it’ll take time, but it will pass. that’s what keeps me going.

that, and notes and lists. so many notes and lists to remind me to do things, and notes to remind me to look at the notes. and alarms as a backup just incase. honestly it’s ridiculous but you do what you can to cope, don’t you?

another thing that’s keeping my spirits up is knowing that spring will be here soon. hopefully that means less joint pain and a clearer mind as well as more colour in nature, slightly less biting wind and a general sense of ‘ahhh’.

hopefully i can get back to my ‘old self’ soon and have something more interesting to say, and more varied content too!

orange cut in half

christmas cactus petal and bud

greenery in the home

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home decor moodboard for greenery - pantone colour of the year 2017

no, not plants!

if you’re a fan of colour, design or are a visual creative you’ll probably know by now that ‘greenery’ is pantone colour of the year for 2017.

wayfair challenged me to make a moodboard to show ways that you can bring a bit of green into your home decor. if you want to revamp your home for the new year and/or like to take note from colour trends (or you just love green) then hopefully you can find some items here you enjoy.

in general i do like various shades of green, but in the home – other than leafy or botanical wallpapers – green is a colour i prefer to display in smaller items. things like plants, accessories and cushions and chairs. saying this, i do love seeing a nice painted green room ..just not in my home. also curious what a room of entirely green items would look like. surreal!

i’ve put together a moodboard of some of my favourite green items from wayfair, and i’d happy have any of them in my home. especially that eames style chair! totally on board with the motto on that candle too. i tried to stick as close to the greenery shade as possible, which actually was quite easy. i like the idea of mixing up different kinds of greens too. for example a emerald green throw on that chair would look lovely, or a nice big rug with some greens weaved through.

when life gives you lemons… candle | decorative vase | 3 piece shelf | kaala side table | mini lego box | acrylic wall box | eames style rocking chair

when looking back, i realised the items i chose here are all quite contemporary looking, and i think this particular kind of green is a great colour for this sort of style. when it comes to vintage and antique items you’re more likely to see less vibrant greens, and more along the lines of emerald, jade, peridot and mint shades. if you’re brave enough to upcycle something old, greenery would definitely be a bold colour choice to bring it up to date! or if you’re a bit scared maybe something like painting some drawer handles in this colour would be a fun start.

what do you think of the greenery shade? is it a colour you’d have in your home?