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i love colour. i love it a lot. i love monochrome too, and even better with tiny bursts of colour, like the home of kerry layton aka seventy tree. her instagram is wonderful too, always love seeing her photos. she has a home wares range coming out soon which i am super excited to see.

i thought i’d do a weekly post, and will start with red, go through to violet/purple, then after that have a look at black, white, and every colour inbetween. this whole thing gives me the perfect excuse to trawl the internet for amazing products, photography, art and more. as if i need an excuse anyway, i love doing that! pinterest is a particularly good place to find things, and as i’m sure you know, it’s rather addictive. if you want to, you can follow me on my pinterest page. also, if you have any suggestions of fantastic and colourful blogs, be sure to let me know.

so, let’s start with red!

1// tory burch device wallpaper  2// emily barletta  3// ilse acke   4// tom ford via bergdorf goodman

» how cute is that hedgehog wallpaper? i may have to change my phone background to that soon.
» i love this piece by emily barletta, don’t you? it’s thread on paper and i’d love something like that on my walls.
» i LOVE this scarf by ilse acke (also, what a fantastic name, i’d love to be wrapped up in it and it’s wonderful patterns.
» finally, absolutely love this tom ford bag. obviously far too pricey for me, but i love the minimal look at the gold on the front, makes it look very luxurious without being tacky.

selection of red items - shoes, anemone, valentine typewriter and embroidered envelope

1// suede shoes – chie mihara  2// sasha kurmaz 3// olivetti valentine 4//  geninne ‘s art blog

» those shoes! oh how i would love them upon my feet. love the pairing with the grey tights too.
» love these floral photos by sasha kurmaz. poppies are my favourite flowers, but anemones look quite similar, so i love them too.
» oh olivetti valentine, let me count the ways i love you. this is my favourite ever typewriter. just look at it!
» isn’t this drawing by geninne ever so pretty? i love that there’s often flowers and birds in her work, they’re two of my favourite things, so i am overjoyed whenever i go on her blog to see what she’s been up to.

i just realised, i use the word love A LOT. that’s fine with me, i love (there i go again) all these things and so many others. if things make me happy or want to obsess over them, i do tend to have a mini love fest.


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amelias magazine – what does colour mean to you?

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recently i did an illustration for amelias magazine. if you’ve never heard of amelias magazine (shame on you!) it is an online magazine/blog with articles on art, fashion, music, illustration, and much more. if that appeals to you, be sure to check it out.

the brief was to do an illustration based upon your favourite colour, as part of a post to inspire people to think and talk about their favourite colour for a contest by blair and oliver. you can submit your colour story as words, photography and video. to take part, send your stories to with your contact details too. the deadline for submission is 1st march 2013 so get creative! oh..and the winner will receive £250!

what is your favourite colour? let me know in the comments. i’m always really curious why people love certain colours. please remember to look at the post on the amelias magazine site to see others’ interpretation of their favourite colour.

here is is what i said, and my illustration, but i’d like to add a little more about what colour means to me in general, too.

image on amelias magazine post about colour, a collage with image of a planet with legs

“i absolutely love all colours, and colour is my world. turquoise is my favourite, though. it both gives me energy and keeps me calm. i like to always have this colour around me because it also helps me feel creative but not overwhelmed. i feel as if there’s something magical about it that other colours don’t possess. to me it’s representative of earth and life.”

i don’t know if you realised by looking at my work, but, i love colour. a lot. if you were to take a look through my home and my clothes, that would also lead you to see the same. colour is so important to me and is one of the few things that make me truly happy. so many of my happy memories aren’t just about good things, but the colours that were around me at the time.

i remember once someone asking me if i could define perfection as a colour, what would it be? my answer was orange. a slightly golden yellowish orange. i don’t know why, but when i see that colour, it just exudes the aura that i feel ‘perfection’ would have. it’s not my favourite colour, even, but ..that’s just the colour of perfection.

as much as i love almost every colour (there are a very few exceptions, but even those could be acceptable in the right context and in small amounts), i think blues, greens, turquoise and greys are the ones that speak to me the most. maybe it’s because they are colours that can be seen in nature, maybe it’s the calming yet invigorating it’s effect they can have ..maybe it’s something else completely!

i could honestly talk about this all day. maybe in another post i’ll share stories and photos about colour. i’ve said that word far too much in this post now, so time to stop and let you get on with your day.


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pinterest finds part 2

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as promised here’s the second installment of some of my favourite pinterest finds. these are from my clothes & accessories
board, and art & illustration, respectively. if you ever happen to be shopping for a present for me (i doubt that, but you never know) i feel my boards are representative of my tastes, so they’d definitely be a good guide if you’re stuck for ideas.

does anybody use pinterest for that reason, to act as a kind of mood board to help people that are stuck for inspiration when getting gifts for you? much nicer and easier to look at than a load of links.

clothes and accessories pinterest

1// polka dot trousers – anthropologie   2//rucksack – oki ni 3// brogue desert boot – you must create 4// shoes from tatty devine

oh my i love polka dots! i also never realised until now how much i like navy, too. and those desert boot brogues are some of my favourite shoes ever, i absolutely love them. if i ever can find and afford something like those they will be on my feet pronto!


art pinterest board

1// meghan howland   2// pot plant by amy blackwell   3// angie iver    4//lieke van der vorst

isn’t that painting by meghan howland wonderful? you should definitely check out her website for more fantastic work. i’m now going to spend the rest of my afternoon looking at all of these ladies sites and dream that i could create something just as lovely. you should too!

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