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we’re already at blue! how has that passed so quickly? if you want to see past colours, click here. i’ve decided i may skip indigo as i’m finding it hard to find things. if you have any ideas though, let me know and i’ll try and do it. if not, next week i’ll skip on to violet, then will be black, white, etc. there are a couple indigo-ish colours in this post, so that kind of counts doesn’t it?

i’m really enjoying doing this colour love thing, not only because i love colour, but because i get to find and feature lots of wonderful fashion, products, patterns, art etc. if i can drive some sales to sellers then that’s a plus too, it’s always nice to help other people out if you have the opportunity. i’ve also cheekily included something of my own too.

colour love - blue

1// blue dress with red collar 2// cactus cushion 3// amy halko plate 4// scarf by rebecca desnos

» love this dress! the colour and the silhouette and that little bit of red with the colour looks fantastic.
» i made a cactus pattern yesterday and thought it looked really good on the cushion. you can purchase it via society6. it’s also available as other products, and in orange and white too.
» isn’t this plate great? i do love a polka dot. and ceramics. a lot.
» i’ve wanted this scarf by rebecca desnos for the longest time. will definitely be buying as soon as i can afford.

colour love - blue

1// pierre soulages 2// odyssea typeface 3// kitty cookie jar 4// personalised painting by helen lang

» i like this mostly because of the colour. so vibrant! though i like the dynamic brush strokes.
» love the retro look of this. blue and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations too.
» how cute is this cookie jar? if i could even afford nice cookies i’d love to put them in this!
» lovely hand painted personalised paintings by helen lang. if i was for some reason ever to get married or have children i’d love to have something special made like this.


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cats and pugs

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i can’t help but say that in the ‘guys and dolls’ tune in my head. i got some wonderful post from the lovely harriet gray today and it’s made my day so i just had to show you all. i definitely have this cat purse in my wishlist for future purchase. she’s recently made over a 1,000 sales in her shop, how great is that?

illustrated products from harriet gray

buy: cat tattoos // pug card


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pin it!

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i am a big fan of pins and brooches and have been for a very long time. i’m not sure what it is about them, but something about them just makes me feel better, i think part of it is that they can inject so much personality into an outfit. when i go into charity shops, other shops, look on etsy or generally online i find it especially hard to resist buying them.

i thought it’d be nice to share some of my favourite recent finds for any other brooch/pin aficionados out there. do you have a favourite, or can you recommend any sellers to check out?

here’s two of mine from a previous post about a few of my favourite things:

golden horse and crescent moon brooches

horse – charity shop // moon – MODaccessories

new and vintage brooches

sausage dog // little houses // from pauline hagan :: bunny hare // turquoise swallow from silk purse, sow’s ear

new and vintage broochesampersand :: ladybird likes // arrow :: kaye blegvad // teal cutie :: danny brito // blue hare :: joules


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