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as a lady who loves dresses, modcloth is a perfect place for me. although i have no £’s to spend, i often browse through their site to see what dresses i could be wearing. for me, the main pull of their shop is the styles they have on offer. they have a keen eye on a vintage aesthetic, so if you too are the sort of person who is into vintage/retro stylin’, particularly of the 50’s and 60’s era, you must definitely have a look around at the very least. (they do also have actual vintage pieces, but you will need to sign up to see those.) as well as lovely dresses, they have shoes, accessories and home stuff too, but i want to focus on dresses.

my favourite style eras are most definitely 40’s and 50’s, and so when i’m looking for clothes (mostly in charity shops!) i will naturally gravitate towards anything that would fit in that area of time, style wise. especially if it has an amazing pattern too. what’s your favourite era for fashion?

if you’re stuck for ways to style your outfit with accessories, they also have a style gallery where you can see and upload your own outfit photos!

i’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces for inspiration.

vintage style dresses from modcloth

1// encircled in sweetness dress 2// friday night party lights dress 3// perfect in pink dress 4// orla kiely tunnel of love dress

» this dress is adorable! as much as i love polka dots, the pattern on this is a nice variation on that.
» love the colours on this dress. the style is pretty flattering too.
» the shape of this dress is something i go for quite a lot when buying dresses. kind of a mix between a loose pencil skirt and a more fitted tulip style. i love capped sleeves too.
» what a cute dress. who doesn’t love a bit of orla mixed with nautical? win/win!


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cardboardcities crush – laura manfre

totally crushing on by

todays crush is the talented (and gorgeous) laura manfre! you can see previous ones here.

before i start gushing, i just want to let you know you can buy her work here and read her blog here.

where do i start? i first came across laura’s illustrations a couple years ago and instantly loved it. i wish i could remember what the first thing i found was, but i have just spent a ridciculously long time on her site and flickr cooing over everything. she takes wonderful photos too. isn’t she great? just looking at the images in this post makes me very, very happy. girls with bubblegum pink hair (kailey of mermaidens), tasty sweet things and cats. seriously, what’s not to love?

kailey from mermaidens by laura manfre


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more patterns!

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i’ve been on a bit of a pattern making roll lately (mm, pattern roll) so here’s my latest one & here’s the one i made previously. i’ve got a couple more to show and put up, but i’m trying to show a bit of restraint. once again, i’ve done it in three colourways. the first two aren’t hugely dissimilar but i really liked the strength and contrast of the black and pink one. i think the second one has a bit of a 70’s feel, what with the mustard and orange. i’m not all that fond of most things 70’s but i think the colours and style sit together well here because it looks a bit autumnal.

there’s free worldwide shipping on at society6 until the end of sunday, so you could buy a print, iphone case, tshirt or tote with any variation of the pattern if you would like. the watermark obviously won’t be on those. the free shipping is available with all my designs though, so you can get pretty much anything you want. if you want to buy or commission an original, you can do so at my etsy shop. (i promise the notebooks will be up soon!)

illustrated pattern by laura redburn
illustrated pattern by laura redburn


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