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snapshots of my week

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i was looking through the photos on my camera a few days ago, and thought ‘i should do something with these!’ most people do, i’ll take photos when i get something nice in the post, or take progress photos when i’m making things as well as just taking photos of moments i want to capture. sometimes they just get ‘stuck’ on my camera or computer. what’s the point of taking photos if you don’t look at them again unless you need to? i think it’d be a good way to encourage myself to brush up on my photography skills too. always a good skill to have i think! plus, isn’t it nice to share little snippets of your life?

so, hopefully every friday, i’ll do a ‘snapshots of my week’ post. i won’t promise anything spectacular or amazing, as i’m not a particularly interesting person, but i thought i’d be nice to share. just little moments, some out-take progress photos of things i’ve been making, maybe a sneak at things that will be in future blog posts, things i’ve seen ..y’know, that sort of thing.

most photos will be from my camera, which is a canon 450d incase you’re wondering, and i may post a few phone photos too sometimes. i’m ‘cardboardcities’ on instagram if you want to add me. let me know yours too!

laura manfre stickers. cats, deer and lipstick on light blue polka dot background

unicorn card by laura manfre on light blue background

vintage air mail envelope and illustrated lamb sticker

goodies from laura manfre! i bought the unicorn card and the cat stickers from her a little while ago, but forgot to take some photos! she was very kind to put in lots of extra stickers too and a couple vintage air mail envelopes. i love stickers and stationery so this makes me happy. i love it all! you should definitely buy something from her.

pink red primroses on turquoise blanket

i love flowers and plants, and if i see them super cheap anywhere and i have some spare pennies in my purse i often can’t resist. i’d love some huge house plants too, but they’re beyond my budget at the moment sadly. primroses are really nostalgic to me. poppies and pansies are my favourite flowers though. and peonies! ..i just realised i like a lot of flowers beginning with ‘p’. what’s your favourite flower?

pear on purple background
this was delicious pear. and it was free too! a bonus of shopping at a local greengrocers is that you get to know the owners, and sometimes you get free fruit! (normally it’s super ripe or a bit bruised.) we’ve had bananas and melon before too. yum yum! i only took this photo as i put it down before i was about to eat it, and thought the purple was a really nice contrast with the yellowy green pear colour.

photo shoot set up on turquoise blanket

when i was taking photos for my giveaway, i took a step back and took a photo of my ‘mini studio’ it’s actually a huge piece of white card and some foil wrapped around another piece of card for a reflector on my bed. it’s the best place in the house to take photos as it’s the only area with good natural light and somewhere flat to put things. well, i do have a desk but it’s relatively small and always crammed with other things. whoops!

turquoise bracelet on yellow background

i got this bracelet, plus another similar one that was square AND two lovely jade green ones for 59p. i love charity shops. but this one is my favourite though, i love the shape and it’s my favourite colour.

pastel coloured jellybeans on pink background

i just really liked the colours of these jellybeans. they tasted good too! often when i eat jellybeans i think of this song.

how to make a pencil!

how to by

do you ever wake up suddenly in the mood to make something? well, that’s what happened to me today and i thought i’d document the progress so you could have a go too. this would be suitable for both children and adults, but the adults will have to do the cutting part.

if you would like to know how to make a pencil like the one below, ..the blue one, not the real one obviously, keep reading and in a short time you will have one of your own! it’s really quick and easy, the longest part will be waiting for the paint to dry.

also, i have made a free desktop (and iphone) wallpaper for you! how lovely of me. you’ll have to keep reading for those though.
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cardboardcities colour love: yellow

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todays colour is yellow! check out red and orange.

i have to admit, this one was a little harder than the other two as i’m not a huge fan of yellow. it’s one of those colours i only like in specific shades. more on the warmer side, rather than, say, pastely yellow. even that is fine in small doses though! i do love most yellow flowers though. particularly buttercups. always makes me happy to see them. i think yellow is often a colour that works well in graphic imagery too though, i wonder why that is.
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bits and pieces.

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for a while i’ve wanted to do a photo post with some of my favourite little things, but for some reason i never got round to it. so, as it was sunny today i took some photos! actually i took quite a lot, so i’m saving the others for another post so i can spread them out a bit.

it’s weird how you can look at things in real life or photos and even if you like them, or they’re visually appealing to you they essentially they mean nothing to you. but for the owner there’s often great sentimental meaning, and that is something that doesn’t transfer across. yet at the same time, if you buy something instead of being given it, initially it often has no meaning, but over time you get used to seeing it ..or something happens and you associate that object with that moment or memory.
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