cardboardcities crush – mia christopher

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as with many people i’ve posted about so far for cardboardcities crush, i’ve been a fan of mia for quite some time now. i LOVE her use of colour, her often simple and minimal style and use of mixed media. she uses things such as various paints, nail varnish, latex and stickers in her work. gotta love a bit of experimentation.
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cardboardcities colour love – black

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black! i definitely enjoy a bit of back here and there. you can see previous colours at the following links. red, orange, yellow, green, blue/indigo, purple. seems strange to think i’ve already been doing these ‘colour love’ posts for 6 weeks, 7 if you include todays. here’s to many more!

next week i will be doing white. after that there will be gold, then silver. after that ..who knows! suggest some colours for me in the comments!

various illustrations for black colour post

1// lisa congdon 2// mathilde aubier 3// roy lichtenstein 4// charmaine olivia 

» have you seen lisa congdons 365 days of hand lettering over on her blog? fantastic stuff. i really hope you have. if not, go look now! she will have a book of 100 of her hand lettered pieces out in spring of 2014.
» i kind of have a thing with hands. maybe it’s because they’re what we use to create, or maybe it’s just something about the shape and flexibility of them. love the simplicity of this illustration.
» i have never really been a fan of roy lichtensteins ladies, but i love many of his other works, particularly this mirror.
» i am so much a fan of the work of charmaine, particularly her silhouettes and doodles that i have a tattoo of one of her girls on my right arm. i will show you one day.

various products for black colour post

1// paperstock 2// falcon wright 3// pia wallen via haus london

» stationery! i will always love stationery. this notebook masquerading as an envelope is wonderful. love the pattern!
» so much love for falcon wright. really like the simplicity of this clutch.
» blankets are another thing i kind of obsess over. if i have money i find it hard to resist buying good looking ones. i’ve made a few in the past too. i’m currently making a quilt, slowly but surely.

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