cardboardcities colour love – coral

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coral is one of my favourite colours. i like how it hovers between pink and orange. you can see previous colours here: red, orange, yellow, green, blue/indigo, purple, black, white, silver and finally, gold! what’s been your favourite so far?

cardboardcities colour love - coral, pink things, 50's style dress, floral crown, chevron wallpaper, die cut mobile

1// bianca green 2// crown & glory 3// asos pencil dress 4// baby mobile

» i have to admit, i’m a bit ‘over’ chevron patterns, but i love this one by bianca green because it’s a little different, and of course because it’s floral too.
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i run to the river, i run to the sea

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i am kind of obsessed with wearing pom pom in my hair at the moment, so just to warn you, you may be seeing them a lot for a while. there will be a quick how to on wednesday if you want to know a super quick way of making them.

keeping it simple with the clothes today. looks like a toned down nautical look maybe, with the navy and stripes? probably not. i do love navy and stripes though.

fashion outfit post - laura redburn wearing navy blue tshirt from gap and striped skirt
fashion outfit post - laura redburn closeup of clothes
fashion outfit post - navy tshirt from gap white bow belt, bow bracelet and striped skirt
face with pom poms in hair
bow bracelet on turquoise blanket
flower brooch on striped skirt

pom poms // handmade by me
t-shirt // gap
skirt // charity shop
brooch (which is actually an earring) // charity shop
bracelet // charity shop

incase you’ve not guessed by now, i get most of my clothes from charity shops! would love some more actual vintage pieces if i could afford them. i need more pretty flower brooches in my life too. i always need more flowers in my life.

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snapshots of my week – 3rd may

snapshots, photography by

wow, it’s may already! i have actually been productive this week, unlike last week where i did very little.

i found my old 28mm vintage lens (which i took yesterdays outfit post with, and all of these) and with the crop factor on my 450d equates it to about 45mm, close enough to 50mm (heard of a ‘nifty fifty’?) for my needs. 50mm lenses are often called normal lenses, because they’re very close to what the human eye sees and has quite a good range when it comes to field of view. if you want to read a little more about crop factor & look at a useful comparison chart, click here. i can only use manual focus with it, but i’ve always preferred that anyway, and i think i might be using this lens from now on instead of the one that came with my camera.

crystal heart on purple
vintage butterfly brooches on purple background
three dice on purple background

i sorted through my little jewellery pot and found these little bits & bobs i forgot i had! a little crystal heart, two butterfly brooches (how did i forget about these? i love them!) and 3 dice. i don’t know why the dice were in with earrings and brooches, but they were a nice little surprise!

yellow peony photo taken using freelensing technique

pink flower photo taken using free lensing technique

i remembered about free lensing. these were the only two that were somewhat decent, but i’m going to practice so i can take more. there’s a wonderful post about free-lensing on a beautiful mess.

hand painted stick in metallic blue, baby pink and yellow

i painted a stick. i know that doesn’t sound interesting but it’s a nice relaxing thing to do, plus it’s a free bit of decor for your house. always finding nice sticks when i’m out for walks, so i’m sure i’ll be painting some more soon.

and i made lots of pom poms! there’ll be a super quick DIY up next week.

pink handmade pom pom on turquoise blanket
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