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black! i definitely enjoy a bit of back here and there. you can see previous colours at the following links. red, orange, yellow, green, blue/indigo, purple. seems strange to think i’ve already been doing these ‘colour love’ posts for 6 weeks, 7 if you include todays. here’s to many more!

next week i will be doing white. after that there will be gold, then silver. after that ..who knows! suggest some colours for me in the comments!

various illustrations for black colour post

1// lisa congdon 2// mathilde aubier 3// roy lichtenstein 4// charmaine olivia 

» have you seen lisa congdons 365 days of hand lettering over on her blog? fantastic stuff. i really hope you have. if not, go look now! she will have a book of 100 of her hand lettered pieces out in spring of 2014.
» i kind of have a thing with hands. maybe it’s because they’re what we use to create, or maybe it’s just something about the shape and flexibility of them. love the simplicity of this illustration.
» i have never really been a fan of roy lichtensteins ladies, but i love many of his other works, particularly this mirror.
» i am so much a fan of the work of charmaine, particularly her silhouettes and doodles that i have a tattoo of one of her girls on my right arm. i will show you one day.

various products for black colour post

1// paperstock 2// falcon wright 3// pia wallen via haus london

» stationery! i will always love stationery. this notebook masquerading as an envelope is wonderful. love the pattern!
» so much love for falcon wright. really like the simplicity of this clutch.
» blankets are another thing i kind of obsess over. if i have money i find it hard to resist buying good looking ones. i’ve made a few in the past too. i’m currently making a quilt, slowly but surely.

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cardboardcities crush – danny brito

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i’ve been a fan of the work of danny brito for many years now. as well as other things, i have one of his prints in my kitchen. (side note; kind of want to make that a retro lady wall, with the orla kiely girls print too). his work was amongst the first of ‘internet artists’ – that being artists i found out about via the internet and not books or other people etc – that i loved and inspired me to really try and get my career as a artist/illustrator/creative person going.
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