northlight – scandinavian style home decor

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scandinavian style homes, who loves them? i do!

often with crisp white walls, a mix of midcentury and modern furniture and lovely accessories sprinkled around, all with a minimal colour scheme. though i’ve noticed that, as well as the usual monochrome of course, red, blues/teal, and yellows seem to dominate when it comes to colour.

i discovered northlight a couple weeks ago & wanted to share their goods with you! as an added bonus if you’re a fan of the moomins, they have a whole section of moomin goodies. did you watch the moomins when you were little? i kind of want everything.

i had a good look through the site and wanted to share some of my favourite items with you.

items from northlight home store - scandinavian style living - cups, bags, blankets, candlesticks

top// amanda latte cup, littlephant messenger bag, mizu pink fleece blanket
bottom// running moomin tray, cosmos turquoise candlestick, black waves cushion

let me know your favourites too!

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cardboardcities colour love – coral

colour love by

coral is one of my favourite colours. i like how it hovers between pink and orange. you can see previous colours here: red, orange, yellow, green, blue/indigo, purple, black, white, silver and finally, gold! what’s been your favourite so far?

cardboardcities colour love - coral, pink things, 50's style dress, floral crown, chevron wallpaper, die cut mobile

1// bianca green 2// crown & glory 3// asos pencil dress 4// baby mobile

» i have to admit, i’m a bit ‘over’ chevron patterns, but i love this one by bianca green because it’s a little different, and of course because it’s floral too.
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i run to the river, i run to the sea

fashion, charity shops by

i am kind of obsessed with wearing pom pom in my hair at the moment, so just to warn you, you may be seeing them a lot for a while. there will be a quick how to on wednesday if you want to know a super quick way of making them.

keeping it simple with the clothes today. looks like a toned down nautical look maybe, with the navy and stripes? probably not. i do love navy and stripes though.

fashion outfit post - laura redburn wearing navy blue tshirt from gap and striped skirt
fashion outfit post - laura redburn closeup of clothes
fashion outfit post - navy tshirt from gap white bow belt, bow bracelet and striped skirt
face with pom poms in hair
bow bracelet on turquoise blanket
flower brooch on striped skirt

pom poms // handmade by me
t-shirt // gap
skirt // charity shop
brooch (which is actually an earring) // charity shop
bracelet // charity shop

incase you’ve not guessed by now, i get most of my clothes from charity shops! would love some more actual vintage pieces if i could afford them. i need more pretty flower brooches in my life too. i always need more flowers in my life.

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