cardboardcities colour love – pastel yellow

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pastel yellow is one of those colours i really like to look at, but don’t wear as it really, really doesn’t go well with my pale skin as it makes me look really washed out. good for details though and obviously home decor and art is fine! unless for some reason i decide to wear it but obviously that’s not happening.

it’s really appropriate for spring. light and reminiscent of pops of gentle sunlight. countryside walks and late afternoon picnics. how lovely!
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outfit post – pink & polka dots

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this is one of my favourite cardigans. i’m not really a pink person, but i love the colour of it and think this particular shade of pink suits me well. i’ve noticed if i wear pink at all, whether clothes or makeup, i tend to go for this sort of coral-ish/dusky pink colour.

once again, i’m wearing polka dots. i love the shape and length of this dress, but it’s a little too big for me. easily fixed by a belt at the waist, but my stomach was feeling a bit iffy so i’ve not worn one this time. when i was sorting through my wardrobe last week i noticed almost all my dresses and tops have polka dots, stripes or flowers/floral pattern. it may not already be obvious but i love all those things a lot, so that’s completely fine by me!
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snaphots of my week – 25th may

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this is my 100th post! woo! i’m quite proud of myself for sticking with this for as long as i have. i will most definitely continue to do so, as blogging has quickly taken a little piece of my heart. it’s fun, interesting and hard work, and i love it all. as well as that, it’s helping me improve my photography a bit, as well as giving me something to focus on and/or focus all my internet browsing over the years into one place.

snapshots of my week, 100th post, cut out numbers
ice cream chocolate tin from marks and spencer

if you follow me on instagram or twitter you may know i found this wonderful little tin of chocolates in marks & spencer! i never impulse buy, but i saw this and i just had to get it. so cute! love simple and graphic things like this.

bridge on river taff, wall of wool in john lewis

i walked to ikea yesterday, and on the way i realised i’d never walked over the bridge in town that goes over the river taff. i’ve lived in cardiff 3 years now and somehow never been over it. not that that’s overly exciting, but the bridge you see walking over it is really nice! i liked the train too.

this wall of wool was in john lewis. the colours and the way it was stacked and took up a whole long wall made me really rather happy so i had to take a photo!

my big wonder book annual

i found this fantastic book in a charity shop at the beginning of the week. everybody knows the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, but when you see this, how could you deduce anything other than it’s going to be an awesome book? i loved it so much i wrote a post about it too, which you can read here.

i’ve taken lots of other pictures this week, but they are for a post next week so you’ll just have to wait and see!
what have you done this week?
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friday florals 001

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the first ‘official’ friday florals begins! i have lots of floral images in mind for future editions. hopefully this is a tap that will never run dry, as i have a never ending love of flowers and floral patterns. infact, i was looking through my wardrobe yesterday and noticed just how many floral based items of clothing i have. let me tell you, it’s a lot. also lots of stripes and polka dots!

if you have any favourite floral designs, dresses or products, i’d love to know!

floral pattern by anna emilia, kate spade dress, pocket mirror, dolce and gabanna dress

clockwise from top left: morning frost meadow by anna emilia, kate spade jacquard flare dress, dolce and gabanna shift dress, compact mirror from jenny arnott

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