horn tootin’ time.

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if you don’t know, or have only just come across this blog, but not my work yet i have prints, iphone cases, tshirts, tote bags and more available at society 6 as well as originals in my shop. currently this is my main source of income, so every little penny, dollar, or whatever currency you happen to use, helps.
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cardboardcities crush – rifle paper co.

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i’m trying to come up with themes to encourage myself to post more regularly, alongside my own work and other illustrate-y? ..illustrative things. it’s something that helps me focus my thoughts towards a more positive and decidedly more pretty state of mind. its nice that if you’ve been sighing over something that you like that you can share it with (potentially) a lot more people. who doesn’t like sharing?
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cardboardcities colour love: orange

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here’s the second colour post! the first was about red. i’m going to go through the basic rainbow colours, then black, white, and then every other colour inbetween i can think of. is there anything you’d particularly like to see? let me know!

today we are bathing in the warmth of orange.
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etsy and new blog (kind of)

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hello! i have two things to talk about today.

one //
my etsy shop is back! over the weekend i did try and set up my own shop via various sources but it was too much of a headache, and so i settled back with etsy. you can still buy prints, iphone cases, tshirts etc via my society6 shop, but the etsy will be more for original pieces and other handmade things in the very near future. i’ll be adding more collages over the next few days, so remember to keep checking back. i may do limited edition prints at some point, but right now i don’t have the funds for that. all the more reason to buy or commission an original piece! if you want to talk about anything else in regards to purchasing work, or just want to ask me something, feel free to email me here.
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