cardboardcities crush – danny ivan

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prepare your eyes for some crazy pattern work! if you like super saturated colour and patterns that look a bit like opticial illusions, you’re in for a treat.

danny ivan is a digital artist based in lisbon, portugal. you can buy his work at society6, see more on flickr or have a look at his very colourful tumblr.

danny ivan illustration patterns

top row // retrograde & lisbon strike bottom row // goodnight nobody & tape image

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suturno scarves

fashion by

i’ve been seeing this amazing scarf on a few blogs lately, and i just had to share it too for anybody who may not have seen it’s wondrous-ness. i have a thing for hands, and hand motifs. i love clothes and accessories with hand patterns on as well as just looking at hands. they’re so expressive and i just really like the shape, flexibility and potential they hold.

the scarf is by suturno, from design duo julia vergara and javier gutierrez. the found inspiration from 30′s glamour, busby berkeley’s choreographies, the surrealist humor of elsa schiaparelli and also in joan blondell, who the scarf is named after. what a beauty this would be to own.

i love the photos almost as much as the scarf, too.

suturno scarf hands with red nail polish
wooden mannequin hands with red nail polish

30's inspired silk scarf with hands painted red nail varnish

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cardboardcities colour love – gold

colour love by

in contrast to silver last week, gold has been quite an easy and fun colour to find things for, despite me actually liking silver more. i think i might have to convert. though silver does suit my skin tone more jewellery wise, i think a silvery/metallic top would wash me out.

do you prefer silver or gold? let me know!

you can find previous colour love colours here.

gold coloured items, vintage polka dot jumper with collar, gold ring, porcelain pins, gold vessel, bronze mice

1// pink vintage polka dot sweater 2// j. lingnau ring 3// white and gold porcelain pins 4// gold vessel 5// brass mice

» i’ve wanted this for quite some time now. dusky pink, polka dots and a cute collar? yes please!
» everytime i look at this i think it’s a bracelet, but it’s a ring, and a lovely one at that!
» this just gets better, right? porcelain and pins! match made in heaven for this lady.
» i do love a nice vessel. and this is a nice vessel. i love how the inside is painted grey, it really makes it look more special somehow.
» a few years ago i had two pet mice. unfortunately they are no more, and with a cat i obviously can’t have mice anymore. i (or you obviously) could however safely own these cute fellas!

river island gold velvet shorts, steve madden glitter and tan tote, mr yen floral papercut, topshop nail varnish

1// black and gold velvet shorts 2// steve madden tote 3// mr yen personalised floral paper cut 4// topshop nail varnish

» i’m generally not a fan of ‘short shorts’ but i absolutely love these. the pattern as well as the colour combo. i think black and gold can sometimes have a tendency to look a little tacky, but i think it works really well here.
» pretty much my perfect tote. simple but luxurious.
» if you’ve not heard of the paper cuts of mr yen, where have you been? love the idea of these simple and very pretty floral initials.
» nail varnish is a simple and cost effective way to add a little luxury to your look, and something that can be customised to any mood or occasion. could be used as a main nail colour, or to add dots or other details.

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green and black

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this skirt. i love this skirt. it’s one of my favourite lengths (just about mid calf), i love the colour (..a bit like khaki green, but not quite), the feel and best of all has pockets! i love finding dresses and skirts with pockets. i often don’t know what to do with my hands (bit of a fidget-er here) especially when i’m out walking somewhere, so pockets are perfect to hide them away.
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