snapshots of my week – 7th june

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i’ve actually done lots this week! it’s nice to be properly productive and actually feel useful. i think the nicer weather has definitely helped. even if i don’t go out all day, just it being lighter makes me feel better and more positive. i’ve actually done a lot more than this this week but i don’t want to bombard you all with photos.

vintage opera glasses/binoculars from charity shop
articulated wooden hand with broken thumb
gold bowl next to small purple flower

at the beginning of the week i found these fantastic opera glasses/binoculars, an articulated wooden hand (minus the thumb) and this cute little golden bowl. i was a bit disappointed at the hand being thumbless, but it was reduced to a price i could easily afford, which is a lot less than buying one new.

the golden bowl i’m going to speckle the inside with some black or dark grey paint, which i think will make it look just that bit more special. so nice to add your own touch to things, isn’t it!
vintage french orange bottle

i just love this vintage french orange bottle i won from vintage actually via peta’s vintage boutique. i’m forming quite a bottle/jar addiction so this is a perfect addition to the collection.

sister at cosmeston lakes in penarth
hand holding fern
laura redburn at cosmeston lakes wearing primark belt and floral crown

on monday i went to cosmeston lakes with my sister. it was a lovely sunny day, and it was so nice to go out somewhere different and take photos. i really wish i had a bike so i could go out and explore for for free and take photos.

abstract colour collages by laura redburn / cardboardcities

i also made some collages! more will be on the way, and some originals will be added to my etsy shop, as well as prints from society6.

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playing with shape and colour

my work, illustration, collage, colour, art by
so, today i made some collages that i feel happy sharing. just lately i’ve been feeling a bit ..i don’t know how to explain it ..not uninspired, but more unsatisfied with the collages i’ve been making, which is why i’ve not been sharing them as i usually do. i think i’ve finally gotten over that now though, so i made a couple today, and here’s the two i like best:
collages by laura redburn

© laura redburn / cardboardcities 2013

they’re more about playing with shape and colour than anything else, as i love making colour combinations, and i’m growing more and more fond of a minimal look. what do you think?

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