aqua by aqua

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i recently came across a fashion brand called aqua by aqua and some of their items immediately caught my attention, so i just had to share. i love their bold, graphic and minimal style with a colourful but restricted colour palette. i’m a huge fan of patterns and print in fashion so these two pieces below definitely appeal to me in that way. i also like that everything in their collection is nice and fitting. i really like clothes that are well tailored and compliment a figure, as well as the sleek hair and make-up.
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fashionable beehive girls, typewriters and collars.

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today i got this fantastic illustration print from dom of dom & ink that he did for an article on amelias magazine about the orla kiely presentation at london fashion week A/W 2013.

i was already a huge orla kiely fan, and like probably 9324975 (estimated (random) amount) i fell head over heels for her show. so much to love. two things that particularly drew me beside the fashion was the colour palates she used, and typewriters. oh typewriters. they are things of beauty. also of note: vintage signage, lamps, piles of letters, and teacups. if you’re a fan of collars, floral prints and beehives you’re in for a treat!
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cardboardcities colour love: green

colour love by

green! green is one of my favourite colours. obviously green is an abundant colour in nature, and nature in its many forms is one of my favourite things too. turquoise is my favourite colour and is partly in the realm of green, so that makes me love it all the more.

i tried to keep with more or less the same shade of green for this so that i can fairly do other shades of green in the future. when searching for the items to include i kept finding things that were teal, lime green, and other shades but that just means i have more things to share in the future!
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how to make a pencil!

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do you ever wake up suddenly in the mood to make something? well, that’s what happened to me today and i thought i’d document the progress so you could have a go too. this would be suitable for both children and adults, but the adults will have to do the cutting part.

if you would like to know how to make a pencil like the one below, ..the blue one, not the real one obviously, keep reading and in a short time you will have one of your own! it’s really quick and easy, the longest part will be waiting for the paint to dry.

also, i have made a free desktop (and iphone) wallpaper for you! how lovely of me. you’ll have to keep reading for those though.
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