friday florals – a new feature

friday florals by

i love flowers and floral patterns. a lot. and i know a lot of you do too.

so, what better way to celebrate that than ‘friday florals‘. got to love some alliteration, and it’s easy to remember. so if you want a floral fix, be sure to come here every friday! i genuinely can’t believe i’ve never thought of doing this before, but hey, better late than never!
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kris atomic

totally crushing on by

if you haven’t seen the illustrations of kris atomic, what have your eyes been doing all this time?!

i can’t remember when i first heard about her work (and photos), but i know it was in the mid 00’s sometime, so i’ve been a huge fan for a good few years now. anyway..

if you’re a fan of wonderfully colourful, unique and recognisable fashion illustrations, you have found something fantastic in kris’s work. i love the way she draws her ladies and i think her colour combinations are flawless. i have nothing but love for this talented lady. she also takes brilliant photographs and has a pretty great blog.

if you don’t follow her work, you are losing out! also, i need that bike. need it.

fashion illustrations by kris atomic
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horne wishlist

home decor, wishlist by

you know when you come across a shop, online or real, and you spend ages looking through everything and imagining it in your home? that just happened to me with horne. queue dreamy sigh and daydreams about my perfect home and wanting to decorate other peoples homes.

they have a lot of midcentury inspired items, which is very much my thing. i was actually quite surprised to learn this shop is based in philedelphia!

there’s so so many things here that i’d love in my home, so i couldn’t resist making a wishlist.

geometric pattern cushions, wooden fan, retro perpetual calendar, orange wire chair, 50's desk

1// geo/metric 1 canvas pillow 2// bora da pillow 3// otto fan 4// formosa perpetual wall calendar 5// farmhouse chair 6// walnut side bar

do you have a favourite item from the shop? i think my favourites are the fan, the chair and the sidebar. i really don’t know why, but i really like the design of some vintage (or vintage inspired) fans. like this one i found via pinterest. i don’t know if it’s just the shape of them, or the colours ..i don’t know, but something about them really interests me. i love, LOVE 50’s desks too.

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cardboardcities colour love – teal

fashion, colour love by

teal, you are the colour of my dreams. you are wonderful and you make me happy. you make me feel both relaxed and excited and creative. i think (know) i am in love with you!

do you love teal (or turquoise etc) as much as i do? you can see the rest of my colour love posts here.

coral vintage print, teal typewriter, enamel necklace, jersey isabel marant dress, topshop socks

1// vintage coral print 2// typewriter belonging to zoe of conversation pieces 3// enamel locket 4// totokaelo zebra jersey 5// topshop organza trim socks
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