tattoo inspired art and home decor

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i love tattoos, and i love home decor. i never really thought to combine the two until i was searching through my stats a while back and saw that someone had gotten to my blog via the search ‘tattoo inspired home decor’. it lit a blogging spark inside me and inspired me to search and write about that very thing.
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cardboardcities colour love – cobalt

fashion, colour love, flowers by

cobalt, to me, exudes luxury, and just the right amount of dreaminess that makes me sigh and swoon just a little. it’s such a vibrant and intense colour, isn’t it? i think it looks best in moderation, though sometimes a big burst of it can be pretty exciting to the eye.

on a related note, cobalt (and also royal blue) and gold is one of my favourite colour combinations. something about those two colours together makes me exceedingly happy. do you have any favourite colour combinations? i might do a colour love post about that at some point.

stud earrings, floral crown, asos culottes, vintage plate

1// blue cobalt stud earrings 2// cobalt floral crown 3// asos culottes 4// vintage delft blue handpainted plate

» i’ve always really like pretty and minimal little stud earrings, and i love these.

» everybody likes a floral crown, right? they seem to be such a big trend at the moment too. love this one and although i think fake blue flowers can look a bit tacky sometimes, this pulls it off just right.

» i don’t think i’ve ever said to myself before ‘oh, i love those culottes!’ ..not that i have anything against them, i’ve just never really seen any that had spoken to me. i really don’t think i could get away with wearing ones like this myself, though.

» oh i love a nice plate. i love this plate. it’s pretty great. would look so good in a display, don’t you think? it’s just so nice.

topshop satchel, 60's style shift dress, monki blouse, titanium quartz necklace, hand painted porcelain cat brooch

1// edge paint satchel from topshop 2// contrast collar sleeveless chiffon dress from sheinside 3// kajsa blouse from monki 4// titanium quartz necklace 5// leaping tabby cat porcelain brooch

» ooh, a nice bright satchel! would look so good with an all black or white ..or black and white outfit. i can’t resist adding a bit of colour in if i’m wearing mostly black.

» cute dress! lovely shape and the collar is a nice touch.

» i looove this monki blouse! would look great with a really nice pair of dark grey trousers or a floaty skirt i think.

» i can’t stop looking at this necklace. i think if other people were wearing it they wouldn’t be able to stop looking at it either. its colour is quite spectacular!

» this brooch. it’s PERFECT. cat, porcelain, brooch, cobalt, hand painted? all checked! i need it in my life right now.

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outfit post – polka dots and collar pops

fashion by

polka dots! i own so many clothes with polka dots. i love them. they look good in every colour, and with everything. i think i prefer smaller ones over big though, i think for some reason they can look quite dated? kind of 80’s perhaps? not my thing!

i rarely wear loose fitting tops, but i really like this one and was instantly drawn to it when i bought it ages ago. i think it’s more the sleeves i find a bit much. as i’m short i have proportionately short arms and as this is a top for a ‘normal’ person the sleeves almost cover my hands. which i think is why i nearly always go for 3/4 sleeves when i look for sleeved ..things.

outfit post - red polka dot top from topshop, black and gold peter pan collar, and primark skirt
outfit post - close up of lips and nails in dusky coral colour

i realised my nails are the almost exact same colour of my lipstick. i love the colour, both the lipstick and nail colour. kind of a dusky coral pink. so pretty and i think it really suits my skin tone.

outfit post - close up of black and gold collar and red polka dot blouse from topshop

this collar. i love it! it was sent to me by the lovely katie betty. i’ll put her shop link below but you can follow her on facebook if you would like, i’m sure she’d appreciate it!

it’s a two tone black and gold leather collar, that can be attached by the clasp at the front. i thought it’d be really fiddly but it’s actually really easy if you look in a mirror. or does everybody do that anyway? what’s extra fantastic about it, is that it can be worn two ways like this (obviously the better and intended way!) or flip it over and have the two black sides. i don’t know if it’s meant to be worn that way, but hey, gotta be thrifty! also, it smells lovely. i can see me wearing this a lot as the black and gold ensures it’d go with so many things.

outfit post - red polka dot top from topshop, black and gold peter pan collar, and primark skirt
black and white pattern, white on red polka dot pattern
laura redburn holding tortoiseshell cat

half way through taking photos, ava popped in to say hello! excuse my face though.

top // topshop
collar // *katie betty
belt // charity shop
skirt // primark via charity shop
lipstick // mua in ‘nectar’
nail varnish // mua in ‘amaretto crush’

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snapshots of my week – 17th may

snapshots by

this has been another quite crafty week, making and modifying things is just too much fun though!
hopefully this creative burst will continue because it’s nice to feel as if i’m doing something useful, even if it’s just for myself. when i have a few days where i just can’t seem to be creative in any way, i really don’t feel myself. i’m sure many of you know exactly how that feels!

did you see my new friday florals series? i will of course continue to do the snapshots of my week posts, as it’s a nice way to look back on the week. the idea of some floral based posts has been floating around in my head for a while, but i wasn’t sure how to tie it all together. now you get some flowers every friday! woo!
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