creative pep talk: inspiration from 50 artists | book review

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creative pep talk by andy j miller

creative pep talk* – £12.99

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firstly if you haven’t heard of the creative pep talk podcast, from which this book originated, i highly recommend you check it out. also, a few years back i did an interview with andy which you could have a read of too.

onto the book! creative pep talk is basically a visual representation of the podcast, one which you can pick up any time to look and be inspired, motivated or distracted by. like pretty much everything andy does its full of colour and love and wants to help you be the best you can be.
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collaged tangram alpabet | new work

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collaged tangram alphabet by laura redburn

in a bit of a spur of the moment type situation, i recently decided to make something i’ve wanted to make for years. a collaged tangram alphabet! i’m obsessed with alphabet books (i collect some) and pretty much anything alphabet related so this one really has been a long time coming. it was so fun to make and definitely fits my style very well i think. i’m actually in the progress of making another alphabet related thing, but i have bigger plans for that.
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