snapshots of my week | 2nd june

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brick wall with peeling posters

cat peeking out behind tree leaves

it’s been a while. oops.

a mix of wanting to take a break, feeling useless and boring and depressed, feeling like i have nothing to say and being ill. fun times. but, for now, at least, i feel i’m in a little bit better of a place. of course, i’ve still been taking photos all this time, just not sharing them. sometimes i just plain don’t feel like it, but other times it’s that i have nothing much to say and that puts me off. but it shouldn’t really. i do like sharing photos just for the sake of it from time to time.
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ophelia pang’s interactive art book | book review

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Ophelia Pang's interactive art book | book review

ophelia pang’s interactive art book* – £14.99

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i was already a fan of Ophelia Pang’s bright, minimal, colour block style work before i received this book, so i knew on some level i would enjoy it, but the joy of holding something in your hands rather than seeing it on a computer screen can’t be beaten!

Ophelia Pang’s Interactive Art Book is, well, quite self-explanatory. it fits in nicely with the current trend for colouring and interactive books but stands out due to its bold and straightforward style, and i feel it encourages you to think and (perhaps unintentionally) learn a bit more than other books of this style.
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16 stationery DIY ideas

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brass hay scissors and geometric clipboard

i think it’s a given we all love stationery, and a lot of my blog readers are crafty types, so i figured a post of stationery DIY ideas would be perfect for the weekend! i’ve scoured the internet for lots of fun, colourful and unique stationery DIYs and collected them here just for you. if you have any stationery DIYs you’ve blogged or vlogged about, let me know, and i’d be happy to add them to this list.
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