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snapshots of my week – 8th december

it’s been a long time since you’ve seen my face here! would anyone be interested if i started doing outfit posts again? for the most part i’d like to forget this week. it’s been stressful, asthma-ridden, and full of pain. read this post…


snapshots of my week – 6th october

i’m sure i had something interesting or of some importance to say, but my mind is like a sieve today so who knows what else i’ve forgotten? it’s hard recalling your week when you can’t even think back to a few hours earlier. whoops. hopefully…


i have this thing with …plants

nature, in general, has always spoken to me, to the deepest part of my soul. it’s my nourishment on so many levels. my feelings are those to which i can’t put into words. i’m by no means a writer, but i can generally find…


i have this thing with …reflections

i absolutely love seeing and taking photos of various reflections, especially when they’re really layered and almost look like multiple exposures. again – is this the collage artist in me, drawn to inexplicably layered visuals? no two photos are going to be the same…

snapshots photography

snapshots of my week – 7th july

my fatigue this week has been ridiculously bad. sometimes i’ll have a short period where i’ll have a little burst of energy, but then i feel even more tired than before. no matter how much i rest physically (and try to, mentally) it doesn’t…


taking time out from your day

now more than ever i feel the need to be more mindful about relaxation and taking time to get away from things. this year has been a real test and to be fair, as strong as i might think i am, i am falling…