snapshots of my week – 23rd february

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tattooed hand holding carnations

yellowed monstera leaf

as each week passes, i begin to feel more and more ‘myself’. each time i feel a creative urge, or generally feel like doing anything that isn’t sleeping, eating or binging tv shows is a step up in the deep tunnel i dug myself into. i feel like a flower that had gone into dormancy, and now i’m slowly coming back to bloom.
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collages for what olivia did | new work

my work by

what olivia did about page collage by laura redburn

can’t believe i’ve left it so long to share these here. the honest reason is that i thought i already had. whoops!

this is an exciting one! in october last year, liv of what olivia did contacted me to make a couple of collage pieces for her newly redesigned blog. of course i was instantly in!

olivia wanted something feminine, slightly handmade looking that vaguely showcased topics shared on her blog. initially she wanted something just for her about page so most of my time was spent on that. she thought a small collage would also fit well on her front page alongside her intro blurb too.
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nairns oatcakes | gluten free reviews

food by

nairns gluten free oatcakes

i’ve been a real convert to oatcakes over these past few gluten free years. gluten free bread still isn’t that good, and the only ones (that i’ve tried) that i will happily eat on a semi regular basis are genius and marks & spencers own. they’re almost comparable to ‘normal’ bread! i still need to try and make my own…

but in the meantime, as a bit of a crunch lover, oatcakes have been a welcome fixture for snacking and small meals. i typically go for the plain nairns oatcakes (pictured above) but was sent some of their super seeded ones to try too. the only reason i don’t have a picture of them instead is because they went so quickly, whoops! but a good sign, right?
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