snapshots of my week | 21st april

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yellow frayed tarpaulin

ava the cat sitting on an amp

this is not a week i want to remember. for a few different reason it’s been awful and it should somehow set itself of fire. ha. so i’m not even going to write about it.

one good thing though, i went to cardiff museum for the first time in absolutely ages. so long infact, that i’d largely forgotten the layout so it was like visiting for the first time again. i wish there was more stuff like this in cardiff – places that are easily accessible if you don’t have a car, too.

but yeah, other than that, goodbye awful week!

window with blue and white blinds

yellow petals by double yellow lines

purple amethyst in cardiff museum

dinosaur t rex skeleton cardiff museum

rodin marble sculpture in cardiff museum

tiny skeleton in cardiff museum


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national stationery week | 24th to 30th april

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stabilo pointmax pens

sticky notes from mustard - oxford ruler

stationery! as an illustrator myself, and i can say on behalf of many creatives i know – we all love it. in some cases it quite literally facilitates our work, other times it’s a product we make and sell, and on a base level – if its well designed it’s often pretty to look at too.

if you didn’t already know, next week from the 24th april to 30th, is national stationery week. rejoice!

one of the main messages of national stationery week is actually to encourage people to write more, especially children. a worthy cause i think. writing is a wonderful thing. like at christmas, there’s a ‘seven days of stationery’ which goes as follows:

monday – pen and pencil day
tuesday – get crafty
wednesday – world stationery day
thursday – thank you thursday
friday – fountain pen friday
saturday – signature saturday
sunday – write a letter day

i am genuinely curious …when was the last time you actually wrote something that wasn’t a quick note or a scribble of ‘happy birthday’ in a card? something like a letter, journalling, or even writing out your blog posts in a notepad? i used to journal a lot, but not so much anymore – definitely i want to start doing again as it can be so helpful and therapeutic, as well as getting myself to physically write.

also: do you have a secret stationery draw or stash? i think you’re lying if you say no, ha.

ola studio notebook - national stationery week

lovely notebook ℅ ola studio

edding pens - national stationery week

ola studio notebook and card

as i love to share the love a bit, i thought i would share a few favourite (and a few new to me) stationery sellers so you can fill up your heart and baskets with stationery galore! this is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you are a shop selling fantastic stationery, feel free to get in touch and i’ll add you in. if i can do my little bit to share the stationery love i’m happy!

the stationer | present and correct | papio press | fox and star | paperchase | ola studio | papersmiths | tom pigeon | not the kind | | rooi | not on the high street | kikki k | jetpens | sticker stack | oh squirrel | choosing keeping | mighty paper shop

now you have no excuse – get writing! ;)

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rhs cardiff 2017

photography, miscellaneous by

yellow and red tulips - RHS cardiff

pink, layered tulips - RHS cardiff

a couple of sundays ago, i went to RHS cardiff in bute park. laura from side street style invited me along – how could i say no? we actually went together last year too.

when spring comes around after a seemlingly endless winter, it’s always wonderful to see flowers come into bloom, trees begin to bustle with leaves and the skies are blue. as much as i enjoy seeing flowers and nature in general come back to life, it’s always going to be a special treat to go to a flower show, a place literally dedicated to flowers, gardens and nature!

purple and pink cineraria flowers - RHS cardiff

amazing red fringed tulips - RHS cardiff

giant wicker ant - RHS cardiff
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