i have this thing with …pink and blue

photography by

pink beach house in hamworthy

pink and blue graffiti on brick wall

pink and blue has pretty much been my favourite colour combo for as long as i can remember. it’s just always so good. no matter the balance of colour, the shape, the tones or intensity. it just has an appeal i can’t quite put into words. i’m drawn to it in whatever form it seems to come in. in nature, in clothing, in paintings, packaging and more. you name it, if it’s got some combination of pink and blue, i’ll be appreciatin’.
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snapshots of my week – 5th may

snapshots, photography by

pale pink blossom

flowers behind greenhouse window

this week has included: lots of blossom, lots of stress. lots of mash, LOTS of walking. also, a moderate amount of coffee. and much more in-between. by some strange magic, i’ve also gotten lots done this week. things that’ve needed doing a long time, that i’ve been putting off. things that i’ve not had the mental energy for too, even if i’ve wanted to do them. i don’t know where the energy came from? but i’m glad it was there.
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what’s on my desk (part 2)

home decor by

inspiration and motivation board - what's on my desk

dell desktop computer - what's on my desk

i wanted to do an update of sorts on my previous ‘what’s on my desk‘ post as it’s changed quite a bit since then. mostly, that i’ve gotten a desktop computer. first one in over 1o years! and that i finally have a proper, comfortable chair.

i feel like my workspace in general, specifically this desk, changes quite a bit. i like to think of it as a work in progress. there’s no plants on there now, but there’s so many around me it doesn’t matter. always going to be colourful though, no matter what.

as i said, the main change is the computer (a dell 9020 and dell p2210 monitor). it’s quite a wide monitor, but other than that it doesn’t take up much space. i move it back when i need more room for collaging or doing other things. i decided to go down the bluetooth route for the accessories (speaker, keyboard, mouse) to keep wire clutter to a minimum. i also use the windows 10 remote desktop app when i want to use my surface pro 4 in conjunction with this, which is pretty nifty.
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what’s on? | new collage

my work by

collage of various tv characters by laura redburn

another collage for fritha! this time for a post on what she’s been watching lately.

as i’ve not made much personal work lately, i think making collages for things like this are a good way to have a little play around with slightly different styles and experiment a bit. i like trying new things, or expanding on things i’ve tried before and attempting to add a little more depth and character to my style.
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