snapshots of my week – 11th june

snapshots, photography by

single cloud in blue sky

white silhouette sticker on blue and orange wall

shall i be predictable and say how rubbish and stressful this week was? oh, how redundant. this year has been a real test of my patience, sanity ..just ..everything. it’s important to me, now more than ever to focus on the small things. though overall things have been rubbish – in a couple of cases, awful – this week, good things have happened. for example, FINALLY getting a job interview! i thought it would never happen again. i can’t make any guarantees i’ll get the job, but for someone to finally give me an interview has given me back a smidgen of hope.
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rose floral print dress | what i wore

fashion by

rose floral print dress | what i wore

dress – ℅ quiz | necklace – stranger london | watch – new look | lipstick – MUA coral flush
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well hello there! it’s been a while since i’ve done an outfit post, especially one involving actual photos of me.

now that summer is here (well, i type this whilst it’s pouring outside) i thought it a good time to bring back the occasional outfit post. this will never be a fashion blog, as by no stretch of the imagination am i fashionable, but i do like wearing clothes. probably a better way to word that eh? what i mean is i enjoy my own fashion, and looking at what other ‘normal’ people wear via their blogs and social media.
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snapshots of my week | 2nd june

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brick wall with peeling posters

cat peeking out behind tree leaves

it’s been a while. oops.

a mix of wanting to take a break, feeling useless and boring and depressed, feeling like i have nothing to say and being ill. fun times. but, for now, at least, i feel i’m in a little bit better of a place. of course, i’ve still been taking photos all this time, just not sharing them. sometimes i just plain don’t feel like it, but other times it’s that i have nothing much to say and that puts me off. but it shouldn’t really. i do like sharing photos just for the sake of it from time to time.
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