mysteries of the universe & x factor | new collages

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mysteries of the universe collage by laura redburn

feels like it’s been a while since i shared something! i made these recently after a burst of inspiration and i have a few more collages to share soon too. i personally prefer to spread them out on the blog, but if you want to see a quick shot just after i’ve made something, i often share on instagram stories and/or on my main feed.
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snapshots of my week – 7th july

snapshots, photography by

shadows on blue

diagonal shadows on blue

my fatigue this week has been ridiculously bad. sometimes i’ll have a short period where i’ll have a little burst of energy, but then i feel even more tired than before. no matter how much i rest physically (and try to, mentally) it doesn’t seem to help and over the week my body has gotten more and more lifeless. there’s been a few times where it physically hurts to even move my fingers let alone do any basic things. even just sitting up and typing this is tiring me out.
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taking time out from your day

miscellaneous by

chammomile tea from la juniper

tea themed candle from la juniper

now more than ever i feel the need to be more mindful about relaxation and taking time to get away from things. this year has been a real test and to be fair, as strong as i might think i am, i am falling apart. so, small rituals to keep my mind together are a very helpful practice. in that vein, i thought i’d write about some things i do to relax and take time ‘off’, whether that be for a few minutes or over a longer time.

one simple thing, is, as i’ve mentioned before, tea. making it, drinking it and taking time to just ‘be’ for a bit. chamomile tea is particularly good for this. it’s a good one to drink in the evening to ease you into the right state of mind for sleeping and restfulness. if you’re feeling overly anxious or need a bit of calm, it can be helpful then too. added bonus for candles, sweet treats and something lovely to listen to.
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perking up with pink

home decor by

two pink cushions from wayfair

it’s fair to say i love pink. contrary to opinion, it’s not actually my favourite colour (turquoise & mint are) but it’s second with yellow. when i get the opportunity to combine all those colours you bet i will be taking it!

so, my lovely momo sofa. i love it, and use it every single day. as much as i love it, and the grey colour, it doesn’t have the best back support and the grey can be a little overwhelming. every now and then i like to change it up with some new pillows and blankets to make it a little more ‘me’ (basically, just colourful) as well as using cushions to support my back.
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