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encyclopedia of rainbows book review

encyclopedia of rainbows* – £11.99

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as might be obvious, encyclopedia of rainbows is pretty much my dream kind of book. so, i knew i would love it from a visual point of view, but little extras just make it that bit better than expected.

if you follow @hey_jules_studio on instagram you might recognise some of these photos. that’s because this is her book! taking from its title, this is a bit more than just a book of wonderful rainbow things arranged neatly. opposite each page of items, at the top, is a small but handy numbered chart, and each number corresponds to the items. they detail what’s in the photos, for example, names of butterflies and insects and plants; flavours of sweets and other foods to toys, books and much more. in some cases, such as the natural things, even the latin name is included. genuinely useful as well as just looking good!
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snapshots of my week – 28th july

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ticket notebook from grace and favour home

taking the good where i can get it at the moment.

though the past couple of weeks haven’t been as full on rubbish/stressful as previously, they still haven’t been easy. i feel like i’m being beaten and beaten and beaten by life and every time i try and get up, try to have some fight, i get knocked back down again worse than before. i am so incredibly thankful for the people that have shown me kindness in these hard times. it’s what keeps me going.and people say things get easier when you’re thirty/in your thirties? definitely not my experience, ha!
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