i have this thing with …plants

photography by

cactus at RHS cardiff

succulent with water drop in centre

nature, in general, has always spoken to me, to the deepest part of my soul. it’s my nourishment on so many levels. my feelings are those to which i can’t put into words. i’m by no means a writer, but i can generally find a way to say what i want to say. it may not be eloquent or read particularly well but what i’m thinking typically finds a way out.
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snapshots of a cardiff photowalk

out & about, snapshots by

green and yellow plant

aeroplane flying through cloudy blue sky

i was looking through my snapshots archive recently, and realised i’d not shared these photos from a local cardiff photowalk i went on a couple of weeks ago. i hadn’t done a photo walk (with people other than my boyfriend …or by myself as usual, ha) for a while so i got myself up nice and early a few saturdays ago and walked into town.
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a little bedroom refresh

home decor by

peace lily, parlour palm and fittonia

wooden bird and candle from sainsburys

for quite some time, i’ve felt our bedroom felt a bit ‘meh’. by which i really mean it was lacking in colour, plants and personality. or, well ..uh, my personality. ha! but that has been changed. it’s mostly just one area but it definitely looks a lot more striking. on this chest of drawers was a storage box with some books piled on top. i moved the box, and added some old sketchbooks, my trusty g.f. smith tome and of course some plants. fittonia, parlour palm and peace lily, if you were curious. they seem to be very happy there.
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