the gift of tea

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green tea from jing tea

tea is special, isn’t it? well, unless you don’t like it, that is. in which case this probably isn’t the post for you.

for some, tea is just part of the habit of their day, weaved in without thought but enjoyed nevertheless, and for others it is a time carved out to take stock, to take a few moments and just relax. i go to tea when i’m stressed and need something simple and comforting to focus on. the whole process, from getting everything ready, to waiting for it to reach that perfect drinkable temperature (and of course, the best bit, drinking it) can really be a few minutes of zen in an otherwise stressful day.

teaiere from jing tea

tea from jing tea

green tea is my go to, i drink it almost as much as i drink water (a LOT) and i was recently given the chance to try some from jing tea. i was also sent one of their tea-ieres (which, in my opinion is so much better and simpler than any other loose leaf tea contraption i’ve tried) and some earl grey.

earl grey for me is ALL about the scent. i love bergamot with fierce intensity and the smell just instantly takes me to a good place, so when i drink it, it’s like i’m drinking some magical elixir. i wish it was actually magical but i’ll make do with a few moments of nasal happiness.

tea brewing in glass teaiere

earl grey and dragon well green tea from jing tea

cup of green tea

what does tea do for you? does it help you to focus or learn any habits to better yourself? or is it simply a thirst quencher? or, the all important question – what is your favourite kind of tea? i’m genuinely curious so do let me know.

jing have some lovely tea gift sets that would make fantastic presents for any tea lover in your life. it’s the best kind of gift too, because it just keeps giving. now, i’m off for another cuppa…


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snapshots of my week – 2nd december

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shadow of plants climbing over trellis

leaves poking over wall

my brain feels a bit empty this week, or, at least right now. i’ve actually been really productive and gotten loads of things done i’ve been putting off, as well as making some new work and coming up with plans and ideas, but it seems to come in bursts, in between which it feels like my brain just switches off.

in the past few months i feel like my brain has gone through some inperceiveable shift, like a switch somewhere was turned off and i find it really hard to focus and remember things well. i’ve had this brain fogginess before and i know that if it clears again it’ll inevitably reappear, but it’s intensely frustrating. i know there’s a better more function-able version of myself in there and it’s like it’s fighting to get out but ultimately giving up.

it’s hard to explain but i know there are others that go through this. brains and bodies are very strange aren’t they.

yellow autumn tree

half and half bush

yellow door with leaded windowpinky red hydrangea

tree over roof

close up of foil

pink red shadow wall

half pink wall

strawberry shortcake smoothie

pink papers and stickers


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the small things | 6

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close up of ivy leaf

– i’ve said this one before – but people being kind to me, it means the world
– having a few nights sleeping straight through, this is a real rarity for me and even if i’m still feeling ill, depressed or anything else, it still makes a difference
– finding a lovely new scent (jade, from miss patisserie) it has all my favourite things of a fragrance – bergamot, floral, and slightly powdery/musky. it smells so similar to my custom floris fragrance, which i adore, so a spritz of this takes me back to that lovely experience.
– taking photos, always. always.
– stroking my boyfriends hair when he’s asleep. it fills me with love and happiness. also he hates his hair being touched so i feel a little cheeky too, ha!
– after years of searching, finding my dream crochet blanket
– having moments of clarity
– getting things done, especially when i’ve been putting them off
– when certain pains go away after days/weeks/months of having them
– very brief moments of forgetting i have tinnitus
– autumn/winter sun, and more specifically when there’s a chilly breeze – but being all wrapped up


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