perking up with pink

home decor by

two pink cushions from wayfair

it’s fair to say i love pink. contrary to opinion, it’s not actually my favourite colour (turquoise & mint are) but it’s second with yellow. when i get the opportunity to combine all those colours you bet i will be taking it!

so, my lovely momo sofa. i love it, and use it every single day. as much as i love it, and the grey colour, it doesn’t have the best back support and the grey can be a little overwhelming. every now and then i like to change it up with some new pillows and blankets to make it a little more ‘me’ (basically, just colourful) as well as using cushions to support my back.
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i have this thing with …peeling posters & surfaces

photography by

faded peeling posters

i really definitely do. can’t help but be drawn to them on so many levels. peeling posters, painted surfaces flaking away, fading signs? tick, tick, tick. i find it hard to put it into words the way i feel about these things and how i’m so inexplicably drawn.

over many years of humanity, people often muse how things faded and old are no longer beautiful, but i disagree with this. fading, ageing, getting marks and scars and lines are signs of character. of life lived. sometimes the peeling and fading of paint and posters can actually be what makes them beautiful.
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