sunday links | 50

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green, pink and blue stripes

i can’t believe i’ve done 50 of these! realistically i should have done more now, if i hadn’t kept forgetting about them, ha. i enjoy collecting links of things i’ve come across on my internet travels, and then sharing them with you all. i do hope you enjoy these quick little posts. as always, if you have anything interesting to share, do let me know!

// i recently discovered these pink shoes from clarks and i can’t stop thinking about how cute they are, and how they’d go with so many of my clothes

// love these boob tshirts from hiedra (.) (.)

// have you heard of risotto studio? if not, you will love it. anyway, the founder, gabriella has done some pretty fantastic work, like these façades for inverness library. i adore her colourful, graphic style.

// talking of risotto studio, and tshirts, if boobs aren’t your thing you will love this ‘rib‘ tshirt. oh my.

// loved reading this story from illustrator rose blake (daughter of peter) on riding through the hollywood hills with david hockney. i would like to leave you with the last paragraph of this, as it is something i feel wholeheartedly.

“It was a totally sensory experience, a living work of art, and even as a child I was aware of this. It was about light, landscape, colour, music, time passing and, above all, the pleasure of really looking. Hockney believed in this pleasure more than anyone. As we drove through the rolling hills he said: “Looking at the world is good for you. The world is very beautiful when you look at it. As the sun set and the music crescendoed, I realised this drive was about being alive, being in the moment and being a tiny human being in this big beautiful world.”



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charity shop finds | 4

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brother deluxe 220 typewriter

paddington bear pin

WELL, it’s been a while since i’ve done one of these eh? i do of course, and probably always will, regularly shop in and peruse charity shops, but for whatever reason haven’t done one of these posts for a while. so, hoping to bring them back again. i can’t promise any regularity, but will do a few throughout the year as well as posting bits on instagram.

so, without further ado, a few favourite things i’ve bought in the last year. definitely a few things i’ve forgotten, but i figured some ‘highlights’ are better than nothing.

have you had any particularly interesting charity shop finds? i’d love to know!

black italian leather handbag

technically i bought the typewriter online, but it was via a charity, so it counts. plus it’s so lovely to look at. if you’re interested, it’s a brother deluxe 220.

as if i need another pin/brooch in my life, but i couldn’t resist this cute little paddington bear. love that he’s holding a flower too. this was one of those ‘see it in the corner of my eye just as i was leaving the shop’ finds. score!

the bag is italian leather, and i assume vintage. it’s very good quality and is just the perfect size for ‘essentials’ aka purse, inhaler, painkillers, keys, lipstick, notepad and my camera.

bbc wildlife magazine pocket guides

colourful crochet blanket

the total book of house plants

the total book of house plants front cover illustrations

these little pocket guides just called to me. i have always loved guides and books to do with nature and animals, so if anything’s at a good price with good illustrations or photographs i am in! ditto with the books. the illustrations on/in the top one are absolutely fantastic so i included a close up of part of the cover too. had my eye out for this book for a looong time!

another thing i’ve had my eye out for, for AGES too is the ‘perfect’ crochet blanket. i used to have a really lovely one when i was little that i took absolutely everywhere with me, but with a million house moves over the years it ultimately got lost. i did try making one but it didn’t turn out as i wanted, so i gave up, ha. recently i discovered this one, which is huge too, in the perfect colours and so i snapped that right up. i am perpetually cold (either that, or unbelievably hot ..there’s no in between) so i have quite the collection of blankets.

broderie anglaise top

tooth shaped necklace

close up of pink chair and shawl

a broderie anglaise style top, perfect for when spring finally comes around, and a ‘tooth’ necklace which i initially bought for someone, but decided to keep it for myself. whoops.

and of course, finally, *the* pink chair. i still love it ever so. i saw it in my favourite local charity shop window over christmas, and put a note through the door as i didn’t want anyone else to get it! there’s a better photo of it on my twitter, but i just wanted to show a close up too, because, pink.



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snapshots of bath

snapshots, photography by

fake flowers in bath

tallulah rose flower school

house opposite bath abbey

i fell in love this week. despite having lived in cardiff for almost 7 years now, i’ve never been to bath. which is a bit silly really, as it’s so close, and about the same distance away from me as bristol. pretty much everyone i told this to had a look of disbelief on their faces, ha. but it was so worth the wait. despite the cold and dull (and at times rainy) day, i instantly fell for this city. i can’t even imagine how excitable i’d get about it on a sunny day.

though i had a few suggestions of places to visit, i decided i’d rather wonder around slightly aimlessly and see where my feet and my camera would take me. my main reason for being there was to visit the fashion museum, for a special preview of their latest exhibition, but i’ll talk about that in a bit.

stationery in hay

black and white bust in shop window

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