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chammomile tea from la juniper

tea themed candle from la juniper

now more than ever i feel the need to be more mindful about relaxation and taking time to get away from things. this year has been a real test and to be fair, as strong as i might think i am, i am falling apart. so, small rituals to keep my mind together are a very helpful practice. in that vein, i thought i’d¬†write about some things i do to relax and take time ‘off’, whether that be for a few minutes or over a longer time.

one simple thing, is, as i’ve mentioned before, tea. making it, drinking it and taking time to just ‘be’ for a bit. chamomile tea is particularly good for this. it’s a good one to drink in the evening to ease you into the right state of mind for sleeping and restfulness. if you’re feeling overly anxious or need a bit of calm, it can be helpful then too. added bonus for candles, sweet treats and something lovely to listen to.
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sheer floral top & black dungaree dress | what i wore

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moon dot-work tattoo by jules gordonclose up of dungaree dress buckle

dungaree dress | blouse* | clutch* | heeled sandals* | lipstick*

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firstly: new tattoo! it’s healed and ready to share. i¬†love it so much and it was worth every penny. it may look a little ‘squashed’ in the photo due to the¬†angle i¬†was at to take it, but i¬†can assure you it’s a lovely, round¬†moon.

it really feels like summer now, doesn’t it? well, for the last week anyway. for many years i would¬†never have my¬†legs out (or my arms) and i can’t believe¬†i¬†ever¬†managed that.

my body temperature is always out of flux so i get hot as quickly as i get cold, but how did i go so many summers always wearing leggings or tights? glad i got over that body hangup. always going to have milk bottle legs though!
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snapshots of my week – 11th june

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single cloud in blue sky

white silhouette sticker on blue and orange wall

shall i be predictable and say how rubbish and stressful this week was? oh, how redundant. this year has been a real test of my patience, sanity ..just ..everything. it’s important to me, now more than ever to focus on the small things. though overall things have been rubbish – in a couple of cases, awful – this week, good things have happened. for example, FINALLY getting a job interview! i thought it would never happen again. i can’t make any guarantees i’ll get the job, but for someone to finally give me an interview has given me back a smidgen of hope.
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