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colour love

(purple) things on etsy

i thought purple was going to be hard to find things for (that i liked) as i’m not it’s biggest fan. turns out it wasn’t that hard! for me i think the key is vintage things, or smaller items like jewellery or using purple as…

colour love

(blue) things on etsy

goodness it was hard just choosing 10 blue things this week. i love blue, and it’s the colour i’ve loved the longest. turquoise is my favourite colour, but blue is just ..special to me. i have a particular memory from when i was little…

colour love

(pink) things on etsy

  striped shirt from meanglean i love colour and i love etsy, so i’ve been trying to think of a way to combine the two to share on the blog. i used to do colour love posts, but making those collages of items and…