the very arty box | book review

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the very arty box | book review

the very arty box– £9.99

the very arty box is a recent release from the V&A. i’m quite a fan of their books and this is no change from that. the very arty box is kind of a book in postcard form, and i think this is a fantastic way to engage a younger audience and make it more tactile. there are 52 postcards in total, so you could do something each week of the year, just have a flick through and choose something, or use it to take inspiration and get making.

the ideas and activities include: creative prompts, tutorials on things such as marbling, encouraging doodling and drawing, facts on art history and pieces from the V&A collection.

as this is from the V&A it’s taken influence from their infamous archives and put it into a way that’s engaging and fun. it’s obviously aimed towards a younger audience, but like anything, i believe adults can always take similar amounts of interest and inspiration in products like this, whether you have children or not.

i personally am a huge fan of anything like this that will encourage creativity and learning in young people, and if you have a child that is curious and likes to learn whilst making things, the very arty box would be a fantastic little gift.

the very arty box from the V&A

tips for collecting - the very arty box

activity cards from the very arty box

doodling and colouring postcards

postcards from the very arty box

colourful shoe and boot wishlist

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colourful shoes and boots wishlist

if you know me even slightly, you’ll know i love colour. a LOT. i do actually wear black quite often too, but i can never resist getting a bit of colour in there somewhere too.

recently, i came to the realisation that i have no colourful shoes. i have in the past, but for the past few years i’ve worn the same combination of black boots, shoes and sandals. for the times i wear mostly black i thought it’d be nice to have a couple pairs of more colourful shoes or boots to brighten things up. as well as to wear with even more colour, obviously.

so, i got to searching online and have found a handful that i would wear with pride. as we all know, going through loads of shops online can feel of a bit of a faff, and i always welcome ways to cut this time down to find what i want. i was recently introduced to octer, where you can filter by price limit and brands to whittle down an overwhelming amount to something a lot more manageable. also, i have to say, their site has a much nicer design (and is faster!) than other alternatives. i actually used this site to find a few of my following choices:

mademoiselle r heeled ankle boots a nice shade of red, affordable, simple, and a comfortable block heel? yes please.

ranora loafer ankle boots – i love silver and these are just the right amount of fancy without being over the top. imagine a cute pair of socks peeking over the top of these!

blush pink converse – well of course i need these. chuck taylors in a pretty blush pink? an actual necessity.

madrid point courts – i adore this rusty orange colour and these mid heel courts look both comfortable and stylish.

cleo flat point – the pink and buff colour combo is dreamy and i think these are perfect for something easy to slip on.

ello v yellow cotton – can’t resist a bit of yellow. these are also vegan and made from organic cotton!

disclaimer: this post contains sponsored content but as always, all words (and collage) my own.

snapshots of my week – 4th november

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blue foam pipes

i’m so glad i take pictures regularly, because without them i’d often forget what i’ve done of a week, and i’d forget the moments of little joys and inspiration. some weeks, even if they’re dull, i can really easily remember and look back on, and others just slip me by, even if they’ve been interesting or have taken up my thought in various ways.

i seem to be at a stage in my life at the moment where i just feel ‘stuck’. i know i have potential and i know i’m more capable than i tell myself i am, but i feel like every time something goes a little right for me, something bigger goes wrong, or i get really ill, or i lose out on something i was so close to getting. it’s all very frustrating.

as usual, it hinges largely on income. i try not to hang my self worth on money, but when, for well over a year no one will employ you after applying for countless jobs you do begin to wonder what you’ve ‘done’. it plays with your mind. the income i make from illustration and blogging is next to nothing and i can barely even afford to cover myself, let alone contribute to bills and rent and whatnot. i’m used to being poor and it’s all i’ve really ever known, but that doesn’t mean i feel like i can handle it, that i’m not constantly stressed and worried – and that’s just about money, not everything else in life! i just feel like, on a personal level, i’m merely existing rather than living.

i’m so thankful for the moments that give me happiness, the people that are kind to me and the illustration and blog opportunities that i have had. to my boyfriend who is my rock and i don’t know how (or why sometimes) he puts up with me. being grateful really helps me through.

worn down sign on rusty turquoise shed

blue dripping graffiti

yellow rusty lamppost

peeling blue paint

pink rose from below

hand on pink fluffy pillow

chalk writing on ground in cardiff

cathays cemetery in autumn

stone spray painted gold

boys carved in stone