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i was already a fan of Ophelia Pang’s bright, minimal, colour block style work before i received this book, so i knew on some level i would enjoy it, but the joy of holding something in your hands rather than seeing it on a computer screen can’t be beaten!

Ophelia Pang’s Interactive Art Book is, well, quite self-explanatory. it fits in nicely with the current trend for colouring and interactive books but stands out due to its bold and straightforward style, and i feel it encourages you to think and (perhaps unintentionally) learn a bit more than other books of this style.

ophelia pang's interactive art book | colour

diamond pattern - ophelia pang

it’s truly lovely just as a standalone book to flick through, and colour and pattern lovers will certainly get a rush from this. but where this book comes into its own is the tasks within the book. there’s not loads but the ones that are included are not ones that i’ve actually seen in other books. definitely a bonus in my eyes.

whether you’re experienced with colour, pattern and texture, or a total newbie, or whether you’re an adult or child …it doesn’t matter. the tasks are well written and easily understandable. they feel encouraging without making you feel bad if you don’t ‘get it right’.

although i don’t want to ‘ruin’ this book at the moment, it actively encourages you to cut out shapes, and at the back, there are even some pages of coloured block and pattern for you to cut out and play with. the pages are lovely and matte and have a nice thickness to them that’s especially useful if you’ll be cutting out and making with them.

play with perspective - ophelia pang's interactive art book

ophelia pang's interactive art book

i think Ophelia Pang’s Interactive Art Book is a really fun and encouraging book that i’d recommend to anyone interested in colour and pattern. but also those wanting some activities that are involving and fun, while also helping you learn about colour, shapes, scale and more. anyone from teens onwards would enjoy this book, and even if you don’t want to cut anything out from it, it’s easy enough to be inspired by it.

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