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disclosure: collaborative post. all words, opinions and images my own.

whatever your line of work – but especially if you work from home – how your office space looks and feels is going to be important. if it feels good, generally you’re going to be much more likely to want to stay in there instead of getting distracted by daily life.

ideally you don’t want to be working from a kitchen table, your lap on the sofa or anything like that. sometimes it’s unavoidable due to lack of space or funds, but if you can or do have a dedicated office space, i’d say the most important thing there (other than lots of natural light and a nice view if possible!) is going to be furniture.

desks, chairs, storage ..pretty much everyone needs those things. you want your workspace to be productive, but most people will want it to look good too. if you’re a creative, you want your space to reflect your creativity too, right? my ideal would be a mix of mid-century pieces, and modern-contemporary. good quality and well designed furniture with the main pieces being mostly white to allow colour to be added elsewhere in the room.

there’s lots of places both online and with physical shops, and furniture at work™ are one such place where you can find basic, sturdy, functionable desks, and other things such as chairs and storage.

orla kiely plant pots as stationery storage

what else is important in an office space for you?

i currently don’t actually have a desk, but do have good seating and enough storage (for now). other than that, i’d say good lighting, personal touches like prints and photos, a space where i can lay things out for photos, somewhere to store collages and illustrations and of course plenty of plants.

do you have your own dedicated office space? if you’ve written a post about it or shared on instagram i’d love to see! how about dream office or working spaces? i have a home decor and studio board on pinterest for things i’d love to include in a future home.

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  • Reply Asti 08/04/2017 at 01:03

    I’m so bad because I have a little desk and working space (though with no natural light :() and yet I don’t use it at all. I tend to just curl up on my big cushy chair and do everything there. I really want to work on it tough and have started to try and schedule an hour or so in my day to sit at my desk. It may be something small but I’m hoping as I start regularly introducing it into my day I’ll get better at sitting there because this chair is so bad for my posture even if it’s so easy to melt into. >.>

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