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now that i (finally) have a desk to work on, i’ve been wanting to get a nice chair. the one i currently have is a foldable wooden one, with slats that slightly dig into me if i sit on it for more than half an hour at a time. i can’t lean back at all and generally, it’s not at all conducive to a working environment!

i’m looking for an office chair that looks good, but mainly one that will be comfortable to work in. my main criteria are that it’s a light colour (or a light brown/tan), not too bulky, has arms of some sort, is cushioned or will be fine with a cushion, and something i can lean back into a bit – but that isn’t too tall. adjustable height is nice but not of real importance to me, as it’s just going to be me sitting there. and yes, something that’s visually pleasing too.

i can’t afford one just yet, but these four are definitely the kind of thing i’m looking for, and fit well within my criteria. i like the feodor because of the adjustable height and the fact it swivels. useful if you need to get up quickly. the howden is padded, has cantilever legs (love how they look!) and more sturdy arms. the keira (al) is beautiful – those copper legs! love that pale grey too. the chester is the darkest of the lot, but i do love that brown and it fits pretty much all of my criteria.

which would you go for? do you know of any shops that sell nice looking, affordable office furniture? let me know!

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