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every year (at the beginning or end) i make a new collage. no real specific reason or goal, but i suppose it’s something i like to do to get myself in that creative state of mind to begin a new year.

in 2017 my creative spark totally went. there were times when i wanted to give up with making anything. deep down i know i could never do that but the thoughts crept in. years ago i had a similar time – i knew it would pass, and it did. the year after that i made loads of work and felt myself again.

so, really hoping that 2018 will be a repeat of that. the rain after the drought! too tired today to feel genuinely positive, but that aside …2018 i’m going to grab you by the horns and make you mine.

anyway, yeah. new collage! hope you enjoy. by the way, this collage is dedicated to the lovely dianne. you should buy things from her. she’s a real good egg.

if you’d like to commission a collage – for personal use, your blog, licensing or for a publication, contact me via email.

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