Interview with Heidi from Maykher

Heidi of Mayker

Incase you missed it, I’m going to be sharing my past newsletter interviews here on the blog. Thought it’d be nice to do this eventually. All these lovely peoples words and images are spread that little bit further! There’s a few previous ones to get through, so once I’m up to date I’ll try to share newer ones here a couple weeks or so after they’ve been shared in my newsletter.


Hey Heidi! Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

I’m a woman on a mission to save the world, one bag at a time. Ha ha! I founded MAYKHER a couple of years ago with my partner Jon with a goal to address international social issues we feel passionate about. There are approximately 130 million girls worldwide not currently receiving an education, girls denied their fundamental right to learn, sometimes due to poverty and often just because they’re a girl.

Our online store is investing at least 10% of our end of year profits to get more girls and young women into education. All our products are ethically made, we concentrate on providing fair and ethical employment opportunities to our artisans, empowering each to raise themselves out of the poverty that many have lived in their entire lives. We use our business as a tool to deliver some good to the world.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

The best thing about what we do is seeing the results for our hard work. There are many challenges we face as a small business, not only the obvious business stresses and strains but environmental factors we have no control over. Hurricane season in Haiti, volcanos in Guatemala, flooding in India. But despite everything we got our first girl into school in January and that was the best thing. We had her first quarter report through just a few weeks ago and she’s doing fantastically. It’s times like that when you realise that every ounce of stress is worth it. Every purchase in our store is really helping us to make a positive difference.

Do you have any tips for aspiring online sellers?

Don’t be shy about promoting yourself and your store. In the early days people won’t casually stumble across your shop, you need to push it out there as much as possible. And be patient, being an overnight success is rare!

Block printed scarf from Maykher

Do you think being a Wales based brand is a bonus? In a London-centric world, does it present any struggles?

We’re very open about being a Welsh brand. We love being based in Cardiff and frequently shout about it on social. There is a lovely local community that has been so supportive of our brand and what it is that we’re doing and for that we’re extremely grateful. Yes, Cardiff is significantly smaller than London but it offers different benefits. That said being an online business means we can share our story with people all across the UK which is fantastic.

What’s your favourite item in your shop?

Heidi: Yikes, that’s tough as honestly I love it all. Today I would probably say our block print scarf as it’s so versatile for spring/summer. You can wear it as a sarong or a scarf. But if you asked me tomorrow I might choose another style!

Images courtesy of Mayker

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