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new work – ‘where there are flowers i am happy’

where there are flowers i am happy photo
where there are flowers i am happy - postcard
i’m sure this is a sentiment many can agree with! if you saw my hydrangea patterns recently, i mentioned that the ‘i am happy’ image was part of something i’ve been working on/thinking about for ages now. well, this is it! i decided to go in a bit of a different direction, but knew i still wanted to have my own handwriting on it.

i was reading a blog a few years ago where someone had done a post about florals that inspired them (if i can remember who, i’ll link them) and as i was looking through i too felt inspired, and the thought/words of ‘where there are flowers, i am happy’ came in to my head.

where there are flowers pattern
where there are flowers i am happy
since then, i’ve been working on a print (which will be in my shop some-time soon) to uh…express that? i tried so many different looks and nothing really clicked, but when i made this pattern i knew it’d be perfect! the writing was harder though, as i found it hard to make it look the way it did in my head.

after a lot of experimentation with different brushes, i finally found something i really like. i still need to get used to writing with the tablet! i’ve loved lettering and typography for many years, and it’s always been something i’ve wanted to develop, so you may be seeing some more type focussed images in the near future. and flowers. always flowers.

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