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new work & patterns: vintage hydrangea

i am happy
combining collage, florals, patterns and some of my favourite colours is something that is a surefire way to make my heart sing. i always remember seeing massive hydrangea bushes when i was little and being wowed by these colourful clouds.

in regards to the above image, i can’t say i’m happy with life at the moment, but this is part of something else i was working on, i copied part of the lettering onto the wrong image and i just liked how it looked so it had to stay! there’ll be something new with the words ‘i am happy’ in it soon too. something i’ve had in my head for years, so it has to be perfect. or at least as close as i can get it to that.

hydrangea spots and stripes
i love making patterns SO much. there’s something about it that just fills me with excitement and happiness. i know i have so much to learn, but i’m always learning and realising new things in the process of making. i really wish i was able to actually properly do textiles gcse when i was in school (long story there) but who knows, maybe if i did i’d be in a completely different place in my life/career now. or maybe i wouldn’t have found such a love of creating patterns. either way, glad it’s here now!

still, doesn’t mean i can’t get learning on my own now. i have no interest in going back to uni to do anything, but i’d love to go to some courses/workshops if i had the money. sewing, textiles, general fashion stuff ..that sort of thing. for now i’m just gonna keep creating collages and patterns and see where it takes me.

hydrangea polka
hydrangea doubled

all images © laura redburn/cardboardcities

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