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eye eye
a year or so ago, i was having a little markmaking session, i was using up some leftover black acrylic paint i think. anyway, i never really did anything with it, but out of nowhere i remembered it was on my computer and wanted to make a pattern. of course i wanted to make a pattern, do i do anything else these days (of course i do, it was rhetorical…but still)?

so uh ..these kinda just happened! actually, i made the simple images on the cream background first and the pattern imagery came to me after. typically, i didn’t stray away from being colourful. i actually have many more ideas of what i could do with this. i guess that’s the good thing about shapes like circles (actually, these aren’t quite circles), in that there’s so much you can do with them.

ah, i love making things! yeah! ALSO: the below design is available as an a5 notebook in my shop (with a slightly brighter background.) woohoo!

eye eye watermelon
eye know

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    LOVE it! I love the white circles especially great contrast

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