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new tote bags at society6!

have you seen the new style tote bags from society6? they’re tote-ally awesome! sorry..i had to do it. i love that the artwork now covers the whole of the bag. really makes them stand out, i think, and some designs really lend themselves well to this new look.

here’s some of mine that i think look cool! if you’re interested in buying any of these, or anything else from my society6 shop, you can get free worldwide shipping until midnight october 13 (PST) though this link only.

i am actually HUGELY tempted to buy the doughnut one myself. you gotta represent your own work, right?

handpainted doughnut pattern tote bag and handpainted tropical fruits tote bag

black and white collage tote bag - two women with flowers in hair and collage of girl wearing crown tote bag

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