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new summer inspired patterns!

watermelon pattern made from watercolour paintings, with water drops, pink and red lines and blue coral

it was really hot on monday. too hot. i kept thinking about tasty juicy fruit that i wanted to eat, and how important it is to keep hydrated and fed in the summer. too many people spend all day out in the sun, forgetting to keep hydrated and having something to eat every now and then, as well as popping indoors or somewhere cooler for a bit. it’s important to keep your body – inside and out – protected from that huge, hot white ball in the sky.

somehow, all that thinking led to painting and pattern making. i decided to make some fruity and kind of summery themed patterns. i painted them with watercolours first, then scanned in to make into patterns. i’ve been meaning to paint more as i love it ever so much, and figured painting for patterns would be the perfect way to get back into it.

water and coral pattern made from watercolour painting

i’m in the process of making more now, and will keep you updated with my work. i need to get my work ‘out there’ more, and have a bit of gentle pressure to do/make more, so blogging about it will hopefully be good encouragement and motivation. if you know of any suitable blogs or sites i could submit my work to, please let me know in the comments.

lemon, lime and cherry and heart pattern made from watercolour paintings
these are all available to buy in various formats at my society6 shop.

what are your favourite summer fruits? let me know and they might make it into a pattern!

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