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new patterns – margot & my smile is back

every now and then i do the computer version of a spring clean. i get rid of stuff i don’t like or don’t use, and end up discovering things i had completely forgotten about. these two are of the latter! it’s weird how you can make something you liked at the time, but then totally forget of their existence.

i pretty certain these were made with collaged shapes that i scanned then played around with in photoshop. i actually really like the style of these – especially the colours in the first one – i feel like they have a slight midcentury (inspired) feel to them. so i might see if i can make some new ones with a similar feel. i found some old scans i’d never even edited, so perhaps something will come of those.

do you ever find things like this you’d forgotten about? old photos, doodles, things to be cleaned up and forgotten about?
my smile is back

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