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when i was making some collages last week, i had some left over scraps, and i wanted to do something with them rather than put them in my little scrap pile. well, you know i like making collage based patterns, so it was barely even a thought to scan them in and get going!

as usual i always like making a smaller and bigger scale one. it’s always interesting to see how different they can look, despite being the same actual pattern. i nearly always end up liking the bigger ones, but i try and think of patterns in terms of what products they could be used on too, and smaller scale patterns often look better on smaller things obviously.

i often like to experiment with layering too. sometimes it reaaaally doesn’t work, but i kind of like how this one turned out. i see even more patterns i ccan make out of this one too.

i also wanted to make something a bit more simple out of the pieces i’d been using, but a bit more colourful in a different way. this one kind of reminds me of those little beaded purses. oh my, i used to have one of those when i was little and i loved it so. much.

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