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this image (well, the scanned version) has been filed away somewhere on my hard drive for a long time. maybe even a year? it was one of those things i started, but then just really didn’t know where to go with it. i think my ideas for it were far too complicated and it just didn’t work out. since then, i’ve actually learned a lot more about patterns, but i realised what i needed to do was to keep it simple.

so, i cleaned it up, made the colours a little more vibrant, made it repeatable and went from there! i made a couple of variations where i added some hand drawn lines/curves into it too, which i also really like as it makes it a little more visually interesting. couldn’t resist making a little gif too!

smashcrashsplatter grey

you can buy these cushions here and here. you can even get free worldwide shipping (for anything in my shop!) until october 12th if you go through this link.

smashcrashsplatter gif
smashcrashsplatter pink

you can also buy these phone cases here and here. again, you can even get free worldwide shipping (for anything in my shop!) until october 12th if you go through this link.

smashcrashsplatter orange and pink
smashcrashsplatter green and blue

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    I really love the first colour scheme especially as the phone case and also looks fab on the tote too! Beautful design!

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