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new pattern – eucryphia

i have pretty much just finished making this pattern, but i am so excited about how it looks that i had to share it with you right now. i love it! i’ve been making a few patterns lately, but this is by far my favourite. do you know why? flowers and polka dots! it was made from a little painting i did earlier & i knew instantly this one would look good as a pattern. i want to paint lots more flowers now. so nice to feel properly inspired again.

i would love one day to have a range of wallpapers. that would be an amazing thing. i’d love to get gift wrap printed to sell at some point too. so many plans, so little money! i would love your suggestions for  places that print gift wrap (for future reference), and maybe places i could submit designs for wallpaper or fabric designs. i know of spoonflower, but you have to pay to have a sample sent to you first before it’s available to buy and my budget for everything is curently zero.
i would love to know what you think of the pattern too!
eucryphia floral pattern by laura redburn

here’s a zoomed in version so you can see a bit more detail:

eucryphia floral pattern by laura redburn

and i also did an alternative colourway, kind of autumnal, but with a twist, i thought.

eucryphia floral pattern by laura redburn

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