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new collages – in bloom & southwest

if you follow me on instagram, or saw my snapshots of my week post last week, you’ll know i have a couple new collages to show you. well, in a way i have four. i really liked how the first one looked with black and white too, so i included both, and the same with the other collage, except the colours are slightly different.

i have another exciting collage, but i can’t show you that until next week, and i have some more in the works too. so good to feel properly inspired and motivated again!

'in bloom' collage by laura redburn
'in bloom' collage by laura redburn
which do you prefer, the full colour one, or the one with black and white? i really can’t decide! both are available as prints and more, here and here.
'southwest' collage by laura redburn
'southwest' collage by laura redburn
as you can see these too aren’t drastically different or anything, i just liked how they both looked. both of these are available as prints and more too, here and here.

all images © laura redburn / cardboardcities

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