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new collage – séraphine

i’ve been working towards making some more fashion focussed illustrations and collages lately, as that is an area i’ve had an interest in for years and a direction i would like to steer myself more towards. i find i often have ideas, but they never turn out how i see them in my head and get discouraged. which isn’t a very ‘me’ thing to do, but i find it’s been happening a lot of late.

but the only way i can get better and actually make the work i imagine myself – and want myself – making then i have to just keep going and keep practising. that is something that’s always stuck strongly in my mind. i’m no giver-upper!

séraphine ii
as always i love experimenting with collages and patterns i’ve made, making them into something else or trying out different scales or colour combinations. this is where photoshop comes in handy as you can be super creative with it.

i really like the second image, it kind of has a dreamy and slightly more graphic feel to it, and because my favourite colour combination of pink and blue is dominant that sways me too.

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