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new collage – sade of in my sunday best

collage of sade of in my sunday best, by laura redburn

sade! what a babe. sometimes i really love the internet because it brings me to gems like sade of in my sunday best. she’s so lovely and i really hope we can meet some time soon.

i think it was actually through kailey that i found her …who is another of my favourite people. i absolutely adore this photo of sade, and i think it’s actually the first one i saw and i was just blown away by her beauty. love her style too, and would probably wear everything she does, if it looked half as good on me. by the way, sade is wearing a jumpsuit from naanaa.

if you like my work, i am available for commissions. would you like an illustration for yourself, a friend, your blog or publication? get in touch and let’s work together!

ps. if you haven’t seen, here’s my collages of fritha, olivia, and kailey. next up is ron of dresses on a clothesline!

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