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new collage | laid back

'laid back' - collage by laura redburn

recently i suddenly had a burst of inspiration. to be honest that happens rarely these days (‘it’ is slowly coming back though) so when inspiration decides to make a visit i try and make as much of it as i can. this collage is one of a few i’ve made recently, and i have to say …i really like it.

something i struggle with is backgrounds. i used to have quite ‘busy’ textured collages years ago, but the style i have honed over the past few years (plain or very minimal background) really feels so much more me. anyway, the point i was getting to, was that i do feel i need to maybe work more context into my work in terms of background space? i don’t know.

i always want to grow as an illustrator/artist, but whenever i try to work any kind of a background into a collage i feel like i’ve betrayed myself. does that sound silly? it does. so, i realise that what i really need to focus on is the main illustration, and if i feel it needs some more context in terms of visual depth or storytelling, i need to find a way to work that into the main area i’m working within, or to minimalise it, to …deconstruct it? and spread it around the piece.

it’s hard to explain what i mean and i hope at least someone understands what i’m trying to get at here.

but essentially: i really like this collage, i tried working in a background and i hated it, then i added in a few small elements to ‘bring it to life’ a bit and that made me like it even more. voila!

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  • Reply Claire 24/05/2016 at 17:48

    Cute collage – I have a major fear of ‘cluttering’ the page, so I’m glad to read you’re making peace with backgrounds.

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