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new collage for caboodle magazine

i don’t think the thrill of seeing my work in a real life magazine will ever quite go away. it doesn’t happen as often as i’d like, but i’ve been lucky that the magazines i have been in have been fantastic ones. one such being caboodle magazine!

i’d vaguely heard of them before, but lovely zabby at phosphor art (my agents) suggested i get in touch – and boy i’m glad i did! i’m quite smitten with this colourful and creative publication.

i got to choose between illustrating two articles, but the one i chose was because i immediately identified with it. you should buy the magazine to read the article in full, but in summary it’s about using craft (especially cross stitch here) as a way to deal and distract from chronic pain. though i’m not much of a crafter, i’ve always used art and illustration as a way to deal with both mental and physical woes, and i always encourage getting creative whenever you can.

next up, getting my work in (or on) a book!

if you’d like to commission a pattern or collage from me, for personal use, licensing or for a publication (or anything else), you can contact me via email.

stitch the pain away

collage by laura redburn in caboodle magazine

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